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Rising Sun

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When a whole football league is geared at 10 average teams trying to come 3rd in a 2 team comp they are never going to have time to build. Maybe if he had won a derby he might have got a bit more sympathy but unlikely.
Some of those clubs would regard 3rd has an achievement. But he joined a club where 3rd was a minimum expectation, certainly amongst the fans.

The club didn't publicise the results but we supposedly got thumped in a few pre-season games last season. I wondered at the time if he was doubting the players he had brought in and didn't believe he could turn it round. Was anticipating a disappointing season and his stocks falling, and decided to gamble on the Hibs role rather than be patient and wait for the right opportunity
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Rising Sun

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Maybe 20 years ago 3rd was a realistic expectation for Hibs but it definitely shouldn't be now.

At the moment they would be lucky to expect to be the 3rd best team in Edinburgh, never mind the whole SPL.
I didn't say it was a realistic expectation, but that is the expectation of the fans. Which is why it was a dumb move - he pretty much had to overachieve just to keep his job.

FFC Mariner

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I hope Monty gets to Sheffield. I do hate the idea of our CCM family playing or coaching against us
Wilder isnt going anywhere it seems and they are an off the field basket case IIRC.
Already docked 2 points in the championship for failing to pay transfer fees to other clubs

Rising Sun

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Even if they dump Wilder, the poor results at Hibs will ensure Monty is not in the running. He is going to have to get some runs on the board in the UK, won't get the gig on sentiment alone

If he can't convince Hibs to give him longer then is next best option is to hope he can convince a club a bit lower down the chain - Scottish championship or English division 1 or 2 - to look beyond the results at Hibs. I think coming back to Oz would be a retrograde step for him given his ambitions
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I reckon if we kept tulio, holy shit would have smashed some teams.
I whole heartedly agree, if he’d have stayed or we had another prolific #9 we would’ve won the league quite convincingly. I honestly think if come august, Tulio is still getting minimal minutes for an average team, we make a real go of getting him back on loan especially for the champions league, we need some proper elite visas for that comp. Yeah he’s on great money there but he’s also trying to make it to a higher level, hence coming here for exposure in the first place.


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Can anyone help.

I want to buy the AFC shirt. Compared to the Paladin one from last year ( which mine is a large), do I need to go up a size (XL) with the Cikers one or are the same sizing.

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