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2021 FFA Cup


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Tidbit I didn’t realise from that video - round of 16 is regional/zones too. So Brisbane won’t need to play an A league team until at least the QF. I understand the benefits of zones especially in the current covid environment but it does not thing for the integrity of the competition.
But I think given the situation it was this or nothing. As long as it’s only for now I’m okay with it


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But I think given the situation it was this or nothing. As long as it’s only for now I’m okay with it
Yeah I get that as I said. It just doesn’t sit well with me when there’s something tangible beyond a bit of silverware on the line.


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I'm happy to watch some FFA cup but its pretty weird we'll have 2 sides through to the round of 8 before we know which a league sides will qualify for the round of 32. Hopefully they can catch up a bit before the AL season kicks off.


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Professional Football Referees’ Association Inc.
United for the good of the game.
Media Release: PFRA A-Leagues Referees make themselves unavailable for FFA Cup Matches and A-Leagues trial matches
12 October 2021
On Monday, 11 October 2021, the Professional Football Referees Association (PFRA) Executive Committee advised Football Australia that PFRA members would no longer be available to officiate FFA Cup Matches and A-Leagues trial matches.
The PFRA does not take this decision lightly and comes on the back of more than three months of discussions and efforts to resolve several topics.
These topics include:
1. TheA-LeaguesLeadershipandCoachingdepartmentdidnothavetheircontracts renewed as the League separated from Football Australia in July 2021.
For the past three months, the A-Leagues referees have had no direction, coaching / instruction, and no fitness coaching. We are now just weeks out from the start of the season, and the referees find themselves in a position without any form of coaching and/or preparation.
2. TheA-Leaguespanelswereannounced,andmemberswereunfairlyremoved from their position without any due process or warning.
There was no performance management or even an indication that any members may have been in danger of losing their position. Yet, the FA Referees Committee saw fit to remove these members of their own accord without following any apparent process.
3. Finally,theA-Leaguesrefereesarewithoutacontractforthecomingseason.
This has been an ongoing issue for referees and despite constant efforts to have this resolved – there are no current contracts in place for the coming season.
PFRA President, Paul Cetrangolo, said “The PFRA A-Leagues referees sacrifice an enormous amount for football in the country and it seems staggering that we find ourselves in a position without basic items such as leadership, coaching staff, fair processes for changes to panels, and a standard contract.”
Paul also commented that “The PFRA remains committed to solving these issues but will not officiate further matches while these items remain outstanding.”
The PFRA was incorporated in 2013 as the exclusive professional association to represent match officials operating on the A-League.
PFRA Media Contact:
Paul Cetrangolo, President PFRA profootballreferees@gmail.com

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