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2020/21 Season

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How do we think Murray would go in a better team with a better coach?
Pace to burn, great work rate but had to play in front of rubbish
When we gave him some service he was fine
Murray didn’t show me that he has what it takes to succeed at this level. And it had nothing to do with our bad play, it was his shortcomings when he had opportunities. Which he had his share of.

Not strong enough for hold up play, Not slow, but not faster than most HAL defenders. Never beat a man. Wins ball in the air but couldn’t finish. Doesn’t score from outside the box and though I did believe he can finish within It - he failed to take a good number of chances to the point that even most of his die hard fans had no choice but to let their Muzz hopes die.

Best I can see is he had a good work rate, attitude and made decent runs. Also competed well in the air, but as said, doesn’t convert. It’s just not enough at this level.
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How do we think Murray would go in a better team with a better coach?
Pace to burn, great work rate but had to play in front of rubbish
When we gave him some service he was fine
Used to think the same thing about josh Bingham,the kid had skills, and speed to match, just couldn't score when he got little to no service.


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I was expecting to see him announced as soon as Indian PL finished and was surprised he hasn’t comebackH
He seemed to do well as part of a two man setup in India. With Urena out for three games and Alou one card away from a suspension I wouldn't mind seeing him for the rest of the season with an club option for next year.


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Yes Murray was quick,worked hard and made himself available but lacked that instinctive ability of good strikers to be where the ball comes when there is a chance to score.You can see this almost uncanny ability in Berisha,Bobo,Le Fondre,Fornaroli and Mclaren.I am not saying Murray is in their class but he is a long way behind Kuol,DWH,the Toure brothers and even Buhagiar. He is definitely better than Kamsoba.

He is a NPL gun and an A-league squaddie.


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It is bunching up especially for the 6. City look comfortable for the plate but will probably lose Nabbout and Maclaren after 2 more games to the Socceroos and may come back to the field. We would have to probably win 6 of our remaining 7 to get the plate including beating City. I think 49 will get the plate and at most 40 would get a get a top 6 place.

When you look at it a lot of the higher placed teams have been dropping points (including us).

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