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Wk 16 Other Games


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Fri - 7:05pm - The Campbelltown Heifers vs The Orange Disintegration.
Sat - 3:05pm - Second Last Rung Scum vs the Line Crossers.
Sat - 5:05pm - the Graham Arnold Geriatric Reunion Spectacular (omitting Graham Arnold) vs Check the Books.
Sat - 7:10pm - Red October (i.e. red sub-mariners) vs The Carl Robinson "We're only just getting started" A-league Dream team.
Sun - 7:05pm - the Wellingong Fire Chickens vs A Cardinal Direction United.
Tue - 7:05pm - Second Last Place Scum vs the Other Western Team.
We'd- 7:05pm - Red October vs the Campbelltown Heifers.


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Brissie win 2-1. Should have been 4-0 by the 70th, but at least Macarther is found out again and a top 6 team drops points. Will say that pass by M'mombwa was a cracker under pressure I hope he gets a few more minutes.

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
I'm hoping for a draw. Hurt them both.
Sounds about right. With City's goal difference, it doesn't matter if they're 3 points or 2 points behind us - if they equalise they're ahead anyway (though of course, not accounting for future draws here)

Bit SFC winning puts them 1 win away from us, while a draw keeps them further away. So a SFC win puts 2 teams 1 win away, while a draw keeps 1 team still needing a win to get on top.

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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This is starting to turn in to a 07/08 season, with how congested it's getting
Top of the table getting very congested - 5 points separating 1 from 6. Games in hand are closing up too.

And 8th place WU - equal 7th - is only on 13 games, the rest of the 6 on 15/16, except for WSW on 17. So even they are still in it. So, we can't discount them at all.

Though going to be a race for the spoon now too.

8 matches remaining

BR (FFS, play them twice in 2 weeks)
2 postponed ones:


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In the WU v WP today I see it as a win-win, if pheniox win it's more points against a top 6 contender, WU win, and even a loss by us to WU next game will have a silver lining, and that is WSW drop out of the six.

EDIT :Im not saying I want WU to win, just saying there is a silver lining to it.

true believer

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wu are the grumpy old men .breshia should have been sent off .he collects devlin with a high foot 56 minute.
delvin keeps running in after any incident , he should have been carded for it just before half time .
he does this every week .
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Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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