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Discussion in 'Australian Football' started by midfielder, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Media minister Stephen Conroy has finally released details of his long-awaited review of the sports anti-siphoning list of protected TV events.

    At first look, free TV appears to be the biggest beneficiary of the review, with pay TV missing out.

    The key element:

    The main changes to the scheme are:

    The introduction of two tiers of events on the anti-siphoning list – Tiers A and B

    * Tier A will comprise nationally iconic events such as the Melbourne Cup, Bathurst 1000 and finals of major Australian tournaments like the NRL and AFL Premiership. Free-to-air broadcasters will be required to broadcast these events live and in-full, with limited exceptions.

    * Tier B will comprise events such as the regular games of the AFL and NRL premierships seasons, and non-finals games of the Australian Open tennis. Free-to-air broadcasters will have the flexibility to televise these events on digital multi-channels, which will increase their capacity to show more sport on free-to-air television.

    Details of the new laws ..

    From mUmBRELLA ... media page an analysis...

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    hmmm not sure what to think about the "live and full" thing, and their comment about Bathurst. People fired up a bit when they realised by the end of the race the coverage was out by about 20 minutes (??), because they were basically pausing the action to fit in ads. As far as I can tell, they are gonna put in ads anyway, so it's either delay the coverage a bit so you don't miss anything, or just run the ads and have to run replays and explain what you missed during the ad break. How many times in the past have they come back from an ad break and gone "here's all the action you missed while we were showing you ads for fried chicken"? (hint: lots).

    Anyway. I don't think the A-League even cracks a mention in all that..??
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    not a jot.

    why the FA cup final is still on the list is beyond me, if the HAL final isn't...
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    "Guaranteed to be shown in full within four hours".

    Well that's comforting..... :rolleyes:
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