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Purr vs Mainers

onto it

Well-Known Member
I would have started Miller rather than Nigro as he seems to have no confidence at all at the moment.
I actually get very frustrated with both our wingbacks.... Clisby either under- or over-hits almost every ball....and Nigro couldn't get any ball past the first last line of defence last night. But if Staj thinks they are the best we have then so be it.
Sorry to disagree. Miller might have handled the physical aspect of any interaction with the Roar attacker (whose name eludes me) but he showed once again that he has no idea what to do with the ball when he gets it.
He would make a good trainer centre back in my view.
I was negative to Nigro early in the season but I think he has grown hugely to do his job quite well. I htink Staj expects too much of both full backs and they continue to be the team's weakness in defence.

onto it

Well-Known Member
I would suggest that Nigro in particular was told to play at 110% to close down Champness as he would be replaced with fresh legs to do the same job
110% aye....?
That's always an interesting figure.
Like... just be 10% faster than normal Nigs. Yeah... and 10% stronger. Be fitter too ya slacker.

onto it

Well-Known Member
I thought that was Sten's best game since he came back from injury and I didn't think that in was a co-incidence that when he plays well we are a much better side. I also was happy with Olli, Ruon, Rowles Royce (RR) and Nizzy.
Just heard some 'facts' second hand, haven't checked it, but hey, what are forums for if not for biased uneducated opinions, unfounded gossip and unsubstantiated statistics?
Apparently Opta tweeted some stats re dribbling and reportedly the most successful (greater than 80%) dribbler of those who have attempted more than 16 dribbles in the A-League this season is, yes, Stenz.
I thought his pass rate was very high as well but agree with those who think he should be more confident in going forward.
I guess with Ollie doing a lot of the going forward in the midfield 'rotation', Stenz prime job is defending. I think Stenz would be a brilliant centre back in a higher level league but has too many qualities in mid (intelligence, position, passing, dribbling, stamina...) for us to stymie him in a CB position.

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