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memberships ? are we all in

Hi Iain, with stadiums being allowed to have 100% capacity again will those who requested their old seats be able to use them, or will we continue with the existing allocation?
Hey mate,
No even if we are up to 100% then reserved seat allocation will stay as is. We tried it before and then got moved back down to 50 then 25% before we even could get it implemented fully so we have made the decision to stay as is for the season so as not to cause any more confusion in the seating. Next season, if everything allows it, we will get everyone back to their normal seats as we promised.

Coast Football Ramble

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This membership website is pretty crappy, can't even submit my payment....you'd think we'd make it easy to sign up. I guess I will have to phone up tomorrow if I have time. The cancel button worked just fine!!

I also got a page with about 5 things on it and no explanation of what I would be buying. What is CCMOSC, is that the supporters club? Didn't know you had to pay to listen to the podcast. what do you get for $5 compared to $20? I am guessing these are donations?

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The podcast is free, these are donations as it does cost money to run the pod.
Thank you to CCM for allowing people to donate via their membership renewals.
The podcast is free, these are donations as it does cost money to run the pod.
Thank you to CCM for allowing people to donate via their membership renewals.
I will admit that this page could have been explained better. Will make sure for next season it is more informative on what each section is for. Thank you for the feedback.

finally retired

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I thought I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago we were staying at 25% capacity this season.....but given the reduced restrictions everywhere else I wasn't sure if we would increase for our home games too.
Hi guys,
So our cap has been increased slightly and does seem like it will be further up again once we have our next home game in March.

This will mean then we will be able to sell more tickets for the upcoming games and wont have any caps on Memberships/ticket sales like we thought we may have earlier in the season.

General Admission seating will probably open up with potentially every row being available/full rows being allowed to sit in. This is something we will discuss with the stadium as restrictions are eased and communicate to everyone once we get closer to our next home game.

One thing that will most likely stay the same though is reserved seating.
Even if restrictions are lifted to 100% we are going to keep reserved seating as is for the season. We tried earlier in the season to change it back and we never got a chance to actually see it at a game as everything was changed again before the game kicked off. Now where we are at we are going to ask all members to stay where they are for this season and trust us to get them back to their normal seats next season when they renew.

Hope that makes sense and if anyone has any questions feel free to email me.

Shaun Mielekamp

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Just further to this there has been overwhelming feedback from members to keep social distanced seating.
This means that we will not be looking to sell the reserved seats that were blocked out as part of this - just for clarity sake.
As a club we feel it very important that we do everything we can to have the right covid safe practices in the stadium regardless of the minimum standards and this is one of the steps.

I actually hope that there is pressure to review this all if we are faced with crowds 15k and over but for now we are confident this is the best way forward - for reference at the time of writing this post we are now allowed to go to 75% capacity, but who knows what it might be when we have our next home game. I see that there is a case in Wollongong today.

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