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Matildas - AFC Womens Asian Cup

true believer

Well-Known Member
staj has a stack of US based phillipinoes . it looks like he has size and power .
i hope someone is paying attention .

true believer

Well-Known Member
Staj to become a national pariah when he sacrifices a player to two foot Kerr 2 mins in.
i reckon the thai will be lucky to get out of this .
if the big girls from the philippines don't get to tired their gunna roll the thai's @25 minutes


Well-Known Member
As alot of people are saying, what an absolute cluster of a team selection. Full strength against a team you could afford to get some young players some valuable game time. I'm sure there's some young players too, that once selected and played, will challenge the establishment. But then that's been this Matildas sides thing, don't rock the establishment. Seems like they've found a coach that will just tow the team line.
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Well-Known Member
If only the Matildas had a period in a game recently where they were so fa in front they could have practiced sitting back and passing it out, so they could have opened up the philos lines...

FFC Mariner

Well-Known Member
Staj has a rare ability to make shit teams harder to beat - perfect replacement for Arnie. Shame they never will though
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Well-Known Member
Pity the Arab teams shun women’s football or he could cash in on petro dollars.
What woman in her right mind would opt to go over there and play? You'll probably be ok but if you aren't things can go very badly.

Edit - I mean in terms of strengthening their domestic leagues and raising up womens game up. Obviously the locals don’t have as much choice which is what you’re talking about.
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