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Mariners v WTFU 2/4


Well-Known Member
... just another example of .. bias against CCM.

I don't know who the reporter was, Aloisi was asked about the Cummings first goal var, and to be fair Aloisi didn't go over the top. Then the follow up was "and there was another VAR review that should have gone your way with the penalty?"

Aloisi was honest and said something about the defender needing to keep his cool, stupid to have his hand on a players throat. But such shitty biased questions!

Big Al

Well-Known Member
Didn’t realise Smith took the corner for the Cummings goal
Smith two assists and OG
Cummings two goals and a missed pen.

Those two were vital for yesterday’s game yet unfortunately they both could be seen as making critical mistakes that cost us the game. As Cummings said I won’t sleep tonight after miss the pen.

Also some credit for the goal must go to Hall for attacking the ball and putting pressure on the keeper to make a decision. He has a great leap and will put one in the back of the net shortly.



Well-Known Member
I can't blame Smith for the og. If he didn't play at it the Wu player scores. As it was he was at full stretch to get to it. I credit the free kick delivery.
Birraz was a tad off his line, seemed like he was planning to come and punch it but it was a shorter FK and he was slightly caught out tracking back, 1 or 2 steps further back and he saves that.

not a dig at Birraz though, it was a well placed header

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
The Smith assist to CD was top notch, Smith has added heaps in attack and is the main difference from now to what I call our mid season slump.

Monty keeps quiet on a lot of the injuries etc so not surprised we don’t hear much on this front. I’m glad the whole lost the dressing room rubbish has been shut down.

Scummer Homer mentioning Miller moving is just another example of his bias against CCM. We all suspected it and why did he need to mention it, it’s like sucked in you have lost a promising player. He continually brings up all our bad stats, such poor commentating. I even get the feeling Moss is not all that comfortable with what he says at times.

You can always tell a commentators level of bias against us by how often they frame the good things we do as just an opportunity to talk about the other side not doing something quite as well as they usually do.

So bloody annoying. Bad for paramount - we’re a smaller club in terms of viewing numbers sure - but we’re also many peoples second club. Pretty loveable bunch when we’re not spooning. So I’m sure it’s not just us who the bad commentary annoys.

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
Lachie Wales cant do much but his delivery is superb. We could do worse as a Beni replacement

Yeah without him and Kilkenny their striker would have had no service and we would have totally dominated them. Probably our only tactical mistake - didn’t look like we targeted Wales as as much of a threat as we have many other key creative players that we’ve then successfully marked out of games. He came close to bagging a couple too. I’d have him in a heart beat.


Well-Known Member
Funny how these things seem to come out about us early but you dont hear it about others nearly as often. Macarthur have form though leaking info about DDS and Noone ahead of respective late season meetings.
And don’t forget them leaking Oar’s signing a couple of years back also when they were putting their original roster together, mind you we should have thanked them for that one methinks…… ;)

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