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Mariners v Victory

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
Am I the only one who thinks Matty was taken out and a pen should have been awarded and a yellow card to Storm...

Watch from 1:50.... Matty is falling but will catch a slow moving ball if not interfered with...

Storm come in and totally missed the ball and crashes into Matty...

That stopped any change that Matty had of getting to a relatively slow moving ball... an a tap in...

He went to ground too early. Once he’s down there’s no way he can get to it. If he doesn’t go down he either jumps roux and scores or gets taken out and it’s a pen. Pity.

On Matty though, one of the other reasons for mine our fluidity has broken down is that Matty is not being able to hold up the ball and lay it off like he was. Because the other teams have realised you can basically go full tilt into Simons back and you probably won’t even be called for a foul, let alone cop a yellow. You’re also allowed to pull him down or trip him.

Yeah he gives some out. Though he’s actually pretty mild now for the most part. But he’s always taken it in return and accepts it. And it doesn’t matter if he plays hard, a foul is still a foul. It’s gotten ludicrous what’s let go on Simon now.

The officiating bias against Matty for being a pain in the arse to all and sundry has been clear and obvious for awhile, we all have copped it because we knew it was a monster of his own making, but it is now so blatant and to the point where I think as a player he’s genuinely being endangered at times. And we as a team are certainly being disadvantaged.

Sick to death of it.


Well-Known Member
If he had stayed on his feet and been impeded yes. I think the reason it wasnt given was it was already out of reach from his lunge. Still could have been given but less likely.
Agree Turbo, at the game I thought it was a clear Pen because Roux didn't touch the ball however on watching the replay Simon was never going to get to the ball as it was spinning and in fact started to speed away from him. If Simon stayed on his feet then it would have been a better shout but when Simon went to ground he was never realistically going to get to the ball. Could have been given but we don't get that kind of luck and especially from Ams in the VAR. All the shirt grabbing and cuddling they were doing to us on every corner could have easily seen a legitimate Pen for us however Ams wasn't having none of it. Clear one was on the hand ball shout (I agree it was not hand ball) and the replay shows a very big shirt pull on Bouman, even the Fox numpties mentioned it so that's how obvious it was. Shotton was practically cuddling Simon on every corner however as someone mentioned previously this all seems above board now and is not a Pen and players seem to know this as it is really bad at the moment and is detracting from the game. Well done referees.

Big Al

Well-Known Member
Having checked it, Faghani quickly and clearly corrected his decision, then everyone switched off, including Stensness who literally gave the victory player the ball to take it. Hold on to it, ask the ref what's happening...
Yeah i watched the first half last night and was keen to see this after all the talk.
Stens clattered into the MV player. No way we were ever getting the free kick so for the players to think that was bad but it didn’t seem to obvious that he had pointed our way. I saw him point MV way quite quickly.

I was more concerned about how easily Rowles got stood up.


Active Member
FFS it is Arse not f**king Ass. An Ass is a Donkey. Are you an Aussie or a Yank???? You probably say Zee instead of Z.

Onto the Football.... or do you want me to call it soccerball. (Rant over)....sorry i'm annoyed lol.

We were pretty shite again tonight. The press has gone, the movement off the ball has gone.

Staj had a shocker with his subs.

Pass marks for Tonyik, DDS, Nizzy and Bouman. Some great work ethic from some others but a lack of quality at times was annoying. Technically Jonota is our best player but he is a jogger not a sprinter and that is annoying but I feel he and Kuol should have been on MUCH earlier.
Tongyik * Janota *

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