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Last season match - CCM vs Homeless Compass Point United


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Just saw the Rudan presser, why doesn't anyone ask him some honest questions... Mark, you said you dominated every stat except goals scored, does that have a lot to do with how you, your staff and your players constantly harrass officials to the point where your team gets overwhelmingly favoured by the referee?
For example tonight Diamante got a free kick any time he asked for it, even when there was no foul, Imai could commit foul after foul with not even a chance of a warning, Mariners couldn't maintain possession in your half cause if they even got close to your players a foul was awarded etc etc etc?

Mark, what is it that has made you such a tool? A complete and utter tool!

Mark, what do you say to the overwhelming sentiment in the football fraternity, that if you disappeared from the Australian football scene absolutely noone would shed a tear?

Anyone know who used to coach Homeless Compass United?

finally retired

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Anyone know who used to coach Homeless Compass United?
Mark Rudan was announced as Western United’s first-ever head coach on May 23, 2019. In its inaugural season, Mark led Western United to a place in the A-League Finals Series with the team falling short of making the Grand Final by one game.

In the season recently concluded, another finals series beckoned until the last month when congested fixtures, suspensions and injuries took its toll on the playing group.

“I would like to thank Western United FC for the opportunity to lead this young club over the past two years,” said Mark Rudan."

so the only coach WU have had is Mark Rudan.


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Was just dloading some funny EPL and international stuff and came across this little pearler, pretty well sums up gone and forgotten Muscat. Just like the old derros that drink from an old brown paper bag!!! I wonder what this great contributor to the game is doing now, you know actually, I don't give flying you know what!

Muscat was actually born in England. He is probably the dirtiest player Australia has ever produced but in the UK, players like Duncan Ferguson, Vinnie Jones, Julian Dicks and Ben Thatcher would have absolutely flogged him off the pitch. Plenty of others like Sounness, Batty, Pearce would have startched him in a one on one but Musc**t WAS a very good player as well as having a shit load of Mongrel. I have mentioned it before but the FA Cup Semi against Sunderland in 2004 was gold when they just got into him at every opportunity. He was carried off in the 38 min and obviously missed an F.A. Cup Final. Obviously blatant payback.

Look at the sympathy in the photos lol. The actually video was way worse.


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