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International club friendlies in oz


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
just went for a walk to get some donuts in Queen street mall and their is an absolute shit ton of Leeds shirts strolling around ...not so much Villa shirts


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I been a MU fan since the trinity was playing , but i'm over these "holiday/marketing/merch sales trips by PL teams who bring hardly any of their fkn millionaires ....f**k 'em all
Worst ever game I went to was Scum (yeah thats Manyoo to us Leeds fans Recky!) v Socceroos when Beckham was supposed to play but f**king Nicky Butt played instead. I've seen games at Gold Coast Stadium with more atmosphere!!
The warm up was better than the game and the highlight was Andy Cole breaking some poor Skips leg....because at least the game stopped for 5 mins and i could go at get a beer.

Leeds v Drive bys was much better and Leeds fans actually know how to sing so completerly drowned out the RBB clowns.


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
Wowza…I guess even referees get to practice during friendlies , the AL guy doing MUFC v Palace practiced waving a red card …
probably the only one he will do all year , unless Cumdingo annoys him or something

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