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Grand Final Tifo


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Thank you to
Currently at $560.00

Hey fellow Mariners fans,

Jimmy here from the Yellow Army, and I'm trying to get something done for the grand final.
I'm still have a bit of a sore spot after being embarrassed by the jets tifo in 2008. Credit to them it was a huge banner.

For the semi final, we made 33 flags from poplin and PVC pipe, we now have 23 left after that game, as well as having some kids break our extendable poles for the 2x2m flags. I don't know why they did that either.

So, moving onto the grand final, and I've had thoughts about it, but unfortunately, I've been too financially and time poor to do anything about it yet.
This is why I'm coming to you now; I need your support, financially and with man power.

First up, and the priority, I want to make a large banner(s)
In total, this requires.
27.5m wide banner
~105m of golden yellow poplin fabric. ~70m of navy blue poplin fabric.
=$481.25 + delivery if required.

Secondly, I'd like to get to ~100 flags to take down, this means creating another ~76 flags, each flag requiring ~1.4m fabric.
This is another ~108m of fabric in total.
Then the pvc pipes, cutting a $9.15 3m length into two, we'd need 38 of them.

Thirdly, I'd like to get ~1000 streamers for the top bays.
24 pack = $13.49 = 40 packs x $13.49 + delivery

Total cost if we do everything (except lettering) = $1675.25

In regards to man power.
There's the sewing, we had 4 lovely ladies help me knock out the 33 flags in about 45 minutes.
It goes without saying that the banner will take a lot longer, there's 20-24 x 7m individual sews here.
On top of that would be the 76 or so individual sews for the flags.
Obviously the more people we get, the quicker and easier it will be to complete this.
I'm yet to finalise any meeting place or time to produce.

Sourcing the fabric may be an issue, does anyone know a fabric supplier that would be able to step up and help us.

Depending on supply, funds and man power the number flags may be scaled down to accommodate.

If you'd like to donate to this project, you can make a bank transfer to:
Phillip James
BSB: 650-000
ACC: 500828218
I'm going to be upfront and honest and say this is one of my spare accounts.
I will donate any left over money to a charity, most likely a football related one.

- Jimmy.
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Also, can people let me know amounts they've donated so I can keep track, and if they'd like a shout out on the pod and here or if they'd like to keep anonymous too.

Thanks everyone.


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I'll have a look at chucking in a few bucks. Have you approached Shaun about it? Surely the club could look to match donations or kick in a sum being a special occaision.

They pledged $500 to the semi final, I spent ~$130 on fabric for the flags, I emailed the receipt to them this morning, I'm assuming it'll get paid. OSC also claimed for the poles, I'm not exactly sure

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