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Fund raiser for The Coast Football Ramble Podcast


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1. Wombat $100 PAID.
2. Greenlig $100 PAID.
3. Ancient Mariner $50 PAID......increased to $100 PAID IN FULL
4. Style Cafe $100 PAID.
5. True Believer $50 PAID.
6. Fulham (FFC) $100 PAID
7. Middy $100 PAID
8. Tim $100 PAID
9. Insertnamehere $50 PAID.
10. OzHammer $100 PAID.
11. Tevor $50 PAID.
12. Pat Jennings $100 PAID.
13. Forum Pheonix $100 PAID
14. Huddo $50 PAID.
15. TassieMariner. $50 Pledge
16. Big Al. $25 PAID.
17. Pirate Pete. $50 PAID
18. Holy. $100 PAID
19. Atomic $100 PAID.
20. Mariner Mick $100 PAID
21. Rising Sun $50. PAID.

Thank you Atomic for dropping in a very generous $100 today. Sydmariner sends his love and says he is available for free massage if you behave yourself.

Thanks Forum Pheonix.
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It feels like everyone that wanted to support the Pod boys has done so. So i'm just waiting on Tassie Mariner and FP to stump up and we can close the books.

POD guys.............do you want cash or Bank deposit?

Hey mate. I've sent you a message on Facebook.


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I'm going to close off the fund raiser on Monday. Its been a heart warming effort from 21 of the Mariners finest hearts.
FP and Tassie Mariner......let me know what help I can give you to make this happen (obviously Tassie, i can't pick up from you bro). EDIT.....Thanks to Forum Phoenix for dropping in the Dosh on Friday.
To any other wonderful forum contributors or lurkers, please consider a small donation. Without wishing to get all Gandhi on you all, it is soul warming to contribute and help others. The boys do a magnificent job and its only right that we salute them as they enhance the whole experience of being a Mariners fan imho.

Peace out.
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Currently we sit on $1625 PAID and $50 (outstanding). Thank you FP for dropping of a Hungy today.

Thats $1675. I will round it up to $1700.

They also have $1010 from the Go Fund Me appeal.

Thats $2710. Not too bloody shabby. God Bless you all.
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THE FUNDRAISER IS OFFICALLY CLOSED. The wonderful folks from this forum raised $1650 for the Pod Squad.
Give yourselfs a pat on the back those 20 generous souls.

To the Podcast team, you guys do a great job and this is everyone from the Forum's way of saying keep up the good work.

1. Wombat $100 PAID.
2. Greenlig $100 PAID.
3. Ancient Mariner $100 PAID
4. Style Cafe $100 PAID.
5. True Believer $50 PAID.
6. Fulham (FFC) $100 PAID
7. Middy $100 PAID
8. Tim $100 PAID
9. Insertnamehere $50 PAID.
10. OzHammer $100 PAID.
11. Tevor $50 PAID.
12. Pat Jennings $100 PAID.
13. Forum Pheonix $100 PAID
14. Huddo $50 PAID.
15. Big Al. $25 PAID.
16. Pirate Pete. $50 PAID
17. Holy. $100 PAID
18. Atomic $100 PAID.
19. Mariner Mick $100 PAID
20. Rising Sun $50. PAID.

Coast Football Ramble

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Hey everyone,
Just a quick update.
We've requested quite a quotes for items from different stores and we're waiting to hear back on one or two of them. Once we've worked out where we'd like to shop we'll put the order in and hopefully have our new gear in the not too distant future.

We will start working through the rewards now.
Names will be picked at random and we will contact you before the show, if you are not interested in using your specified reward, please let us know if you have any other suggestions that you'd like and we'll see if we can meet that request for you, alternatively you can choose to not have a reward at all.
As you can see the Fred's question segment may take some time to get through. If you don't wish to use your Fred's question, you could trade it for two local league match reports.

If I've missed your name, just let us know and we'll fix that up.

We've spoken to Wombat and have arranged something for him which should start appearing in the next podcast. Again many thanks to him and everyone who has donated to show and made it a success, it really is greatly appreciated.


Ghostwrite a Fred's question.
Ancient Mariner
Style Cafe
Fulham (FFC)
Pat Jennings
Forum Pheonix
Mariner Mick
Tom Krisenthal
Lauren Maunder
Shaun Mielekamp
Adz & T McCay

Local league match report.
True Believer
Pirate Pete
Rising Sun
Chris Brinley
Ian Reilly
Lynn MacDonald
Iain Shand
Robbie Mckenna
Gavin Springett
Jason Wills
Emanuel Spinola
Paul Hunt

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