Forum moderating ... in moderation


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Hey all just wanted to put a quick note about how/what gets moderated on the forum here.

Generally speaking, this place is self-policing, which is great! If someone steps out of line they get told to pull their head in and everyone is good. Sometimes, however, we have a bit of stubbornness and that's when trouble erupts.

Sooo... the only thing that has really been an issue in the past is any sort of personal attacks, or issues related to privacy.

I've been asked to remove a handful of posts containing sensitive information, which over 15 odd years is a pretty good record I think. It's pretty funny because the club has messaged me a couple of times VERY reluctantly as they don't want to interfere with things going on here, but every time they have had good reason to want something removed. If that ever happens we usually have a quick private discussion with whoever posted whatever it was and explain why it was removed, and it's usually pretty obvious and we all move on with our lives.

As far as personal attacks go, a bit of banter is fine but if anything looks to be crossing the line -- and this isn't spelt out exactly, but most people with a little common sense will agree when it comes up -- will be deleted. Usually it's just a quick delete, everyone involved should know why so let's not get into a drawn-out argument in public or private message, and move on.

Most of the time this has been from someone new to the forum -- as in new to posting, anyway. Maybe they have been sitting there thinking... that person is a real f**kwit, I'm gonna jump on here and give them a piece of my mind. So that's all well and good, but let's keep the arguments away from getting too personal. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, we can call each other's shit out, fine, but just to repeat myself a few more times -- personal attacks are not on. In this case, whoever has been posting longest and is known in the community is usually taken by default as being "in the right". All posts related to whatever argument popped up, including replies, will be removed. Job done.

Thanks for reading.