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Euro Super League ...it’s a thing apparently


Well-Known Member
It wont happen! The 6 EPL clubs may get expelled from the EPL, (meeting on Friday) and there own fans are all planning a revolt.
EUFA is also talking about kicking those clubs out of the current champions league immediately.
The shit is about to hit the fan, and those shitty mega rich Yank owners are in for a surprise imho.


Well-Known Member
WELL....it looks like the”Super League “ is a thing ...12 clubs already dead keen ...looking to get to 15 eventually .....lot of pundits whining BUT they were also whining about the same 5 clubs winning things all the time ....ya can’t please anybody apparently
Looks like Leeds will be Champions of the new EPL next season.....LOL. Good to get rid of Man U anyways.

true believer

Well-Known Member
I think they should all get relegated to the conference league .
They deserve to be playing at telford in front of 82 spectaters

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