Coastie Crew 16 (again)

Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by adz, Aug 27, 2019.

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  1. nebakke

    nebakke Well-Known Member

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  2. scottmac

    scottmac Well-Known Member

    What is it with this club and active support? We are not the worst supported team ( although we have it a nudge towards the end of last year) but our active has always been really poorly attended (save the few years of the marinators) guarantee this iteration will also be poorly attended especially seeing its started off sooooo well.
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  3. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    I'd argue that our active was quite good under Yellow Army during the years of decent product on the field.
    With the band was also good for a season or two.

    Although the numbers looked good during Marinators years, there were always quite a lot not singing.

    Percentage wise of YA in the good years the vast majority were singing.

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  4. Charlie1

    Charlie1 Member

    Ok guys this is just my opinion. I think we can all agree that our on field performance hasn’t helped with support let alone active support. My opinion once the band left bay 16 so did the atmosphere. I don’t know why and don’t want to know why they left. As a club with a small supporter base we need to all work together. Ya, Coastie crew, the band all need to work together. All this personal insults is ridiculous it’s as bad as the club has been run lately. Let’s not blame or point fingers let’s just all work together and make the active support and club great again.
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  5. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    We were last year. Nix lifted their average by a few thousand and ours dropped by 1500 to a level that's the worst since Gold Coast were dropped. Lots of work to do on and off the pitch to get those numbers back.
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  6. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    I don't understand the idea of a name change. Seems like they are doing the same stuff anyway, same merch with same slogans, so what's the difference?

    And I don't want to see the YA name end up getting slagged like the way Marinators went. The Marinators situation was a bit different but we've already seen some comments that aren't great.

    Pete, Jimmy, etc did a great job over the years, it's not easy getting excited and cheering when we're getting flogged every week.

    If we start winning again, get the crowds and excitement back, which brings more people into 16, more chanting and stuff, will CC16 claim that as a win?
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  7. nikko

    nikko Active Member

    I love Centrelink
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  8. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    The boys who put the blood sweat and tears into YA don’t want to be represented by guys who don’t want to get there approval.

    A new name is best as they don’t represent the older YA guys in a corporate sense. They want to use the YA goodwill but not respect those guys wishes. So you have to go out on your own and that starts with branding.

    Rightly so YA don’t want to give up the goodwill they created and rightly so the new kids on the block want to do it there way. They need to start from zero and create there own brand. Will be hard and they not off to a great start. It’s potentially not there fault but their media relations is out taking shots instead of biting her tongue. Wether she is right or not is not the issue. Throwing shade at a respected group will get you off to a bad start.

    It’s probably like you Adz if you were to stop doing the forum for us would you want a say in the hand over etc or just let someone go for broke piggy backing off your hard work and reputation?

    I don’t think the YA requests were unreasonable but neither is the new groups desire to have control. I think in the end a split is best. It will be messy no doubt and not what our club needs

    At the of the day. Lets hope they succeed and we don’t have to worry. If they fail it will be a shame
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  9. garlo

    garlo Active Member

    One time when we were playing U10s Peter tackled a guy so hard his intestines came out. Peter grabbed the intestines and used them to lasoo a stray dog. Everyone thought it was pretty cool how Peter did that because the council rangers were on strike at the time but then Peter strangled the dog to death with the intestines and yelled ‘JOHN HOWARD IS A GOOD PRIME MINISTER’.

    If that’s what he was like at 10. I can only imagine what a dick he is now.
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  10. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    I saw a prominent former NSL and A-League coach call him a "gooses" once. Once we all laughed at the poor grammar of this coach we realised he was not far off the mark.
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  11. TysonP

    TysonP Member

    No, youse are the gooses!
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  12. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Good ole Branko, always angry.
  13. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    Good points @Big Al

    For this one yeah I would want to work with someone to hand over and probably have at least some involvement in it afterwards. Also I've thought if someone wanted to create a new forum that wouldn't be a bad thing either so I guess that puts more perspective on it for me.

    Makes you wonder what the future of YA is then I guess?
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  14. Ancient Mariner

    Ancient Mariner Well-Known Member

    Bust the Marinators out of their nursing homes.
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  15. SuperHans

    SuperHans Member

    It was sad to see the number of supporters in Bay 16 dwindle over the years even though I was never involved. I just hope that any resurrection does not include that bloody band. Hearing of its demise recently made my day. :)
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  16. SuperHans

    SuperHans Member

    Sorry Manny, what instrument did you play? :)
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  17. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    A lot of active people clearly also don’t like the band. I understand that. I don’t think I would if I was in there. Pretty hard not to be at cross purposes with the vocal tradition of active support. Band would need to take a serious backseat and be content just to work in to support the vocals. Anything else could only ever diminish the core nature of how an active support functions.

    A lot of general spectators clearly do love the band though. And it’s good to have some serious volume on our side at times. March through works well. Perhaps a tune for when we’re heaping pressure on teams and on the front foot. And similarly one to lift when under the pump. Which would be signalled by the bay - call and response style.

    But keeping their involvement mostly seperate seems necessary.
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  18. Manny_ccm

    Manny_ccm Active Member

    Never played an instrument in my life but can appreciate those that can play one... or do I need to play one to like the band?
    Lots of kids and families including my own loved the band and the atmosphere they created.
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  19. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    Nail on the head FP.
    The band to start with was great as it complimented the vocals and chants.

    Unfortunately there were a number of personnel changes and the band became overwhelming.

    I've always said and told them that I wouldn't mind them back if both groups could compliment each other as opposed to drowning each other out.

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  20. sydmariner

    sydmariner Well-Known Member

    The flute;)
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