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ccmfans.net merch


Staff member
Hey all,

This is a quick post to say that we have some merch available via redbubble, and are looking to get some more going. Currently we have the ccmfans.net logo in 2 versions - colour and black/grey, and some patterns with a ccmfans.net “speech bubble” tag.

This is something we’ve been looking into for a few years now, but struggled to work out the best way to make it happen. I ordered some hoodies a few years ago from a supplier via aliexpress that looked ok but were extremely heavy. At ~$500 for 6 “samples” it’s a bit expensive to go down that route of order some, check quality, try again. That would have also meant having to manage stock, order fulfilment, postage, etc, etc. Too much of a headache that we can do without.

RedBubble gives us the ability to sell some items where we are in control of the designs, and RB takes care of the rest - production, shipping, customer service. We just add a small margin on top of “cost” price and that goes towards running the site.

A disclaimer here - things from RedBubble are not exactly cheap, but they are good quality. I would always say if you want to buy some Mariners gear to go to the club first, that money goes directly to the club, but then if you want to support the site and ccmfans community, that’s great too.

Here it is

The “pattern” designs were created with face masks in mind, but work on other items too

The black/grey logo works best on a black or dark grey (but you can choose other colours - RB doesn’t let us lock those down), and if it’s a shirt or hoodie, on the back of it.

The colour logo really stands out on anything

As always, all feedback is welcome.


Staff member
The masks and light weight hoodie are great! We ordered some of these to check the quality.

For full transparency, and those who don't know - T is my awesome wife, and helps with running ccmfans.net. :wub:

We did order some of the masks, light weight hoodie, phone cover, and a t-shirt. Quality is great, the fitted masks are nice.

The flat masks are useless and a waste of money, so we didn't bother enabling them. In case you see some other designs on the flat masks, they are cheaper than fitted but have no nose thing, are very small, and open out at the sides - so pretty useless and we wouldn't wear them.


Staff member
Yeah that is the downside - it's not the usual fan merch, cheap throw-away crap.
It's good quality products but then at a premium cost.

The stuff we have available at the moment is pretty generic, we have ideas for a heap of shirts and stuff too. Maybe RedBubble isn't the best platform for it.

I'm open to any suggestions if there are other options.


Staff member
^^ That's not ours, we don't sell stuff with the Mariners logo on it!

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ccmfans.net merch

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