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CCM v Stalkers and sex criminals FC


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McGarry looks the better play but he is a left back and Aqualina is a RB. We didn't need a LB. Roux is ok but is really just cover so in effect we have no genuiune starting RB.
I only saw Bayliss play FB once. He was raw but looks like a prospect.
I'd argue Aqualina was not a starting quality RB either, I was extremely skeptical about Roux when we signed him again but I think he's earnt his spot.


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I think Monty done the swap deal due to wanting more alternatives for CB roles to be honest, no solid evidence as to if this is why the swap was done (so faz could move over in times of need) just my assumption
Yeah that's a good point, basically having an extra LB instead of only 1 provides more flexibility. A leftie at left side CB is a bonus as well. Not sure if we have any other left footed CB's? Probably not.


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FFS what do we have to do to get rid of these c***s, thank f**k I’m not going. :mad: :mad::mad:???


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FFS what do we have to do to get rid of these c***s, thank f**k I’m not going. :mad: :mad::mad:???
Central Coast Mariners vs Macarthur FC - Glen Willow Stadium, Mudgee
Saturday, 11 March 2023 - 5:00 PM (Local) (5:00 PM AEDT)

RefereeShaun EvansFourth OfficialHassan Jomaa
Assistant Referee 1Ryan GallagherVARKurt Ams
Assistant Referee 2Hugh Fenton-WhiteAVARStephen Lucas

They've really doubled down with Evans as ref (who should NEVER be allowed to ref us again) and Ams as VAR. I notice the only "Home" game they're brave enough to schedule Evans for is the one that's not a home game. Might have a little flutter on who the first red is. You can guarantee anything Cumdog puts his boot through will be disallowed if there's the slightest chance.


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FFS what do we have to do to get rid of these c***s, thank f**k I’m not going. :mad: :mad::mad:???
I like Cats alot ( i think thats what you meant Syd) but i certainly dont like Evans and Arms who make Neville Wran look like a saint. Lucas is just a drooling idiot, but i feel he is honest (honestly f**king useless) without a vendetta against us unlike the two stooges.

Forum Phoenix

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"you should never under estimate the predictability of stupidity" They arent bent, they dont have a vendetta they are just really really shit at their jobs and are not held accountable.

(Snatch quote from one Bullet Tooth Tony - Vinnie Jones)

totally agree with this just want to add one clarification …one of the reasons they’re so shit, is because of how obviously they’re swayed/impacted by big clubs/players/coaches.

This makes it look corrupt to most CCM punters. But really it’s just inexperienced and or weak referees who don’t know their own minds well enough to withstand the game day pressure. And so regularly struggle to see even the obvious.


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FFS what do we have to do to get rid of these c***s, thank f**k I’m not going. :mad: :mad::mad:???
Well there goes what little hope I had for 3 points this weekend... Excuse me whilst I go flip some tables in rage

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