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Ancient Mariner

Well-Known Member
Thanks for your comments guys. I had been thinking about where we would be in 3 years time if Richard did not purchase 50% of the Club and I started to worry about a return to the past.
On top of that the story came out that Canberra was one of the favourites for expansion and I stated to think about the terms of the sale and became even more worried.
I was definitely being glass half empty.
Hopefully over the next 3 years the Club's programme for sustainable funding becomes a reality and we stay successful with or without RP.

My dream is that he purchases the controlling share and we become the powerhouse of the league and our club becomes the model for others and continues with the production of future Socceroos which in turnleads to Australia being consistently ranked in the top ten of FIFA rankings.


Well-Known Member
I'd also like him to stay, so far he has walked the talk.

The 3 year option was quite clever:
1. Kid gets in the academy with influence, tbh this is probably minor as he'd need to succeed on his own merit regardless.
2. He gets to try out being an owner to measure if he can commit to that role long term
3. Nobody really knew what direction covid was going to go
4. If the club turned out to be a lemon after he looked behind the curtains he was not committed
5. Monty was an inexperienced A-league level coach, he got to see if he was going to succeed
6. APL was in its infancy... let's not talk about how that's going...

All this while locking in a forward option, seems like pretty good business to me, but also fair to Mike for cash flow etc.

Let the good times roll!

Big Al

Well-Known Member
Why would you fork out a $7m-$8m (podcast interview) over 3 years to be chairman and fund the club with nothing to show for it but an option to purchase 50%, when you could probably buy your 50% for the same money.
I am not saying this is a dumb move, I am curious as to the reasoning.
Because of unknowns like the MV active issues or recession or anything else that could effect the league plus after that time if he dips out his losses stop and doesn’t need to find a buyer if it’s not what he thought it was. Effectively he’s set himself a budget and a time line to get things working how they need to be for him to be owner and if it’s not feasible he can walk very easily

Basicay saying he has $8m in play money and it’s gone he can go. Very smart actually

Plus things like the MV issue and GF are never in anybodies budgets


Well-Known Member
Basicay saying he has $8m in play money and it’s gone he can go. Very smart actually
Kind of like a really long due diligence phase. Can see the workings of the club, the APL etc before committing a major amount.

MV active issues are an irrelevant side show.
Non football people who believe the press don't go to AL games anyway.
I’m sure the plan was to try to change that. Might be significantly harder in the short term.


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I received an invite to virtually attend their AGM out of the blue a couple of months back but was busy that day, so couldn’t dial in. That said, I too thought it had died a death given the lack of any announcements.

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