CCM Boys conquering the world

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    I think he was considered our "marquee" while we had him.
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    Daniel McBreen's Guam beating Bhutan 5-0
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    John Crawley joins Caltex Socceroos coaching staff
    Football Federation Australia (FFA) is pleased to announce that highly regarded goalkeeper coach John Crawley has joined the Caltex Socceroos coaching staff on a permanent basis through to the end of Australia’s 2022 FIFA World Cup campaign.

    Crawley, who has enjoyed long periods of success coaching some of Australia’s top custodians at Sydney FC and Central Coast Mariners in the Hyundai A-League, will now move into a position that will see him mentor Australia’s senior men’s national team shot-stoppers.

    Crawley joined the Caltex Socceroos on a preliminary basis for the team’s most recent camp in Busan, Korea Republic, and has now been installed permanently.

    The former Colo-Colo player said that it is an honour for him to be shifting to Australia’s national team set-up after 14 successful seasons involved with Hyundai A-League clubs.

    “I enjoyed my time with Sydney FC and before that Central Coast Mariners, but the timing feels right to step away from club football and work in a new environment,” Crawley said.

    “Travelling with the Socceroos to the most recent camp in Korea Republic was a fantastic experience, and it was great to work with both Andrew (Redmayne) and Lawrence (Thomas).

    Crawley with Andrew Redmayne and Lawrence Thomas in Busan
    “We have some very high level goalkeepers including Mat (Ryan), Danny (Vukovic) and Mitch (Langerak) playing abroad, and my focus during my time with the national team will be to help them advance their game as well as help to develop the pool of talent able to represent Australia on the international stage.”

    Caltex Socceroos Head Coach Graham Arnold said that Crawley will be a great addition to Australia’s coaching staff.

    “John Crawley’s reputation in honing top class Australian goalkeepers is second to none,” Arnold said. “I’m delighted to welcome John, who I worked with at both Central Coast and Sydney FC, to our staff, and know that he will make a great contribution to the Socceroos over the coming years.”

    “John’s work ethic and passion for developing Australian goalkeepers made him an outstanding candidate for the role, and I know the goalkeepers currently associated with the Socceroos are pleased with his appointment,” he said.
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  9. Antlion

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    Happy for Crawley and the national team both.

    and Nash has gone to Sydney as his replacement...
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    And we will get Kennedy
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    Do we get any sell ons if Tommy Rogic moves to Zenit for $28mill? It would nice if we still had a 10-20% of profit. Would set our season up nicely
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    No idea on the details of the original transfer to Celtic, but we'd be entitled to a solidarity payment regardless. Solidarity payment is 5% of the proceeds divided amongst his former clubs from the age of 12-23, so we'd be entitled to something like 20% of 5% of the transfer fee or potentially $280,000 or so if he went for $28 million. Hopefully we included ironclad clauses that didn't expire after a set time or when he re-signed with Celtic that mean we get 10 or 20%, but at least we'd get something.
  13. Insertnamehere

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    Unfortunately I believe the solidarity system isnt enforced by fifa or associations and players and clubs are often pressured to give them up. Tommy might have the ability to resist because he's a desirable player.
    Whether this is the case now I dunno but I read an article about it 3 or so years ago.
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    Yeah, it's definitely a problem that FIFA isn't particularly fussed with and it does require the club to be on the ball to chase up the payment, but the good thing is we are entitled to it. I think it's a bigger issue for junior clubs without the resources that professional clubs have (well, most professional clubs...). We should in theory have an easier time claiming it than other clubs, but it definitely does depend on us being proactive and Celtic being willing to do the right thing.
  15. Insertnamehere

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    edit to my previous. In doing a quick read, its the US that has the problem as solidarties violate some US law on child labour. FIFA had a big meeting in 2017/8 and it seems everywhere else its all systems go and enforced. 5% of transfer is split between clubs for 12-21 age training.
    FIFA takes it, holds it and disperses it. No doubt acquiring interest from banks whike holding it.
    Only applicable to overseas tranfers before the end of a contract.
    So fingers crossed for the club basically. 2-3mill in the bank would do so much I'm sure.
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  16. Woollybutt

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    Cheers for the extra info. So it looks like best case scenario Tommy earns us close to the cap for a season, worst case he pays for McGlinchey.
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  17. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    WELL...that’s Arnies GF winning crew just about re-assembled innit ?
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    Why miss with a winning formula?! Hopefully it works
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    I got $5,000- for David Carney when he signed with Everton years ago.
    This was dispersed $2,500- to Macarthur and I made sure $1,250- went to both of the junior clubs
    he played for prior to being selected in the rep team at age 10.
    It`s up to the associations to push this via Football NSW
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    The mushrooming stature of Socceroos midfielder Mustafa Amini has been highlighted by Danish club AGF handing him the captain’s arm-band during pre-season.

    Entering his fourth year with the Superliga outfit, Amini, 26, led his teammates out in the recent friendly against former club Randers.

    And with regular skipper Niklas Backman currently on the injured list, Amini is likely to skipper the club again in Friday night’s final warm-up against Hamburg ahead of Tuesday week’s season-opener against Hobro.

    It’s unclear whether Amini will be anointed on a longer term basis - but either way it’s recognition of the esteem the Central Coast Mariners product is now held in after 94 league appearances for AGF.

    “It’s nice to be recognised as one of the leaders and being here probably the longest at the club at the moment,” said Amini from the team’s pre-season camp in Germany.

    “I’ve played a lot of games and picked up a lot of experience. If I’m captain again against Hamburg it will be a great honour.

    “To lead a European club at the age of 26 is, I think, an achievement for any Australian.

    “Leaving home at 18 (for Borussia Dortmund) and to be now in this position at a big club like Aarhus is a great feeling.”

    Amini seemingly cemented himself into coach Graham Arnold’s 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification plans with a dynamic and purposeful performance in last month’s 1-0 friendly loss to a full-strength Korea Republic.

    It was only his sixth cap but he showed in an experimental line-up just how far he has progressed.

    “Arnie wanted us to put our best foot forward and hopefully that’s what a lot of us did,” he added.

    “I was happy with how I went but you can always do better and I’ll keep striving to improve.

    “Arnie has given a lot of players now the chance to prove what they’re worth.

    “With what lies ahead with the national team it’s an exciting time to be a part of it all.

    “It’s going to be a long road to the World Cup and we’ve also got the Copa America coming up, which will be an amazing challenge for the national team.

    “Touch wood I haven’t been injured in the last four years of my career and have managed 30 games every season.

    “It just goes to show if you’re playing consistently at a good level you’ll get chosen.”

    Amini is entering the final year of his contract at AGF, and is open to possibly moving on at some point.

    Acknowledging it’s a “big year” ahead, he added: “Football is a funny game - you can’t really say what you’re going to do. Things can change in the click of a finger.

    “I’m happy at AGF and hopefully we have a strong season and you never know what can happen.

    "All options are open.”

    Amini will be mentoring fellow Australian midfielder Zach Duncan, with the teenager signing a four-year deal having departed Brisbane Roar.

    “It’s nice to have another Aussie here,” he said. “I think it’s a good move coming at his age and trying to get into the European environment because it’s not an easy thing.

    “He’s working his way. It’s tough - a different tempo, a different life, a different everything.

    “It’s good that he’s taking the challenge. I respect that and hopefully he takes the chance and stays here and one day takes over my spot at the club.

    “He’s a raw talent - he only played a handful of A-League games.

    “He’s fighting for positions with international players - it’s a challenge but they’re quite happy with him at the moment.

    “He’s got to keep battling. He’s a hard worker and gives everything
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