CCFC - 2015


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He wasn't there in any official capacity (didn't appear to be anyway). He wandered from the carpark near the equipment shed, around past the 9's, over to where the 14s/15s were warming up, presumably to have a look at the setup and maybe a chat with Ken (I didn't watch his every move). He then wandered back past the 9's and was chatting with some parents near the shed who he may or may not know. I just thought it was good to see him going out of his way to come down and observe a junior training session.
Ok I must of been playing with my phone.


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*fight* *fight* *fight* *fight* *fight*
Hahahaha - its not even worth fighting about..... He was there, Einstein obviously didn't notice him (he wasn't dancing around the fields shouting "I'm Tony Walmsley, look at me, look at me!"). I thought it showed that there is a chance for the CCF / CCM relationship to be mended. Both Ken and Tony acknowledged on Friday night at the Season Launch that there is still a long way to go, but it is a definite step in the right direction. As I said, it didn't appear that he was there in any official capacity, but for him to take the time to call by, to me, shows that there is an effort being made to for the betterment of the coast.
Very disappointed to hear CCF out of FFA Cup after being defeated by Prospect United. I thought we had a real show at it this year.
That is why I am so shocked. I had a look at FFA Cup website match centre. Seems there were a few omissions to the side. Why?
No Dibo. Just asking the question. Why change a winning lineup so dramatically? Especially in the FFA Cup. You need to show respect no matter who you're playing.


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*Hugely* unlikely that people here would know more than you, given you're the one bringing updates to us most of the time.


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The sceptic in me would say that CCF don't want to continue paying match fees for a competition where success is very unlikely ie progression to the round of 32. Easier and less costly to send an under strength team, lose the game and no longer have the financial burden. But that's just the sceptic. Perhaps there were injuries, players couldn't back up from the weekend or some other factors.