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Discussion in 'Australian Football' started by Rowdy, Jul 13, 2016.

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    Not a shock though - its played in bits of NSW, bits of Queensland and thats about it.

    Further restricted by the need to not be able to count past 6 - if NRL wasnt keeping channel 9 afloat it would have gone the way of union already.

    Cant happen soon enough :)
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  2. Big Al

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    But that domination by channel 9 keeps it relevant.

    The kids still play RL in some form at lunch time
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    Agree the air time this game receives (good or bad) keeps it very relevant in the main stream. The big question remains if FTA will keep giving them billions to squander away with poor management by the clubs. If the TV rights went backwards it would be riveting viewing.
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    Clubs owning their own rights kills FTA. That's the next big move over 20 years or so.
    Check out immersive technology ( as an example) for a glimpse of the future
  5. Big Al

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    Talk on twitter FFA are about to close the FFA COE in Canberra
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    Cameron Joice may be worth a punt as a low cost project.
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    Milos Ninkovic has won the 2017 Johnny Warren Medal.
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    Well deserved. Very good season. Only Castro from Perth was as good (and sometimes better).
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    Not bad.
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    Don't mind it honesty, it's not amazing but definitely better then their old one.
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    On the announcement of the schedule and details for the Westfield FFA Cup 2017 Final Rounds, Peter Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Scentre Group, confirmed the Group’s pleasure in being the competition’s naming rights partner via its Westfield shopping centre portfolio.

    “We are extremely proud to once again be the Major Sponsor of the Westfield FFA Cup,” said Allen.

    “Just like the local clubs that participate in this competition, our Westfield shopping centres are very much part of their communities, and we look forward to showing our continued support to all the teams taking part in the Cup’s fourth season.”

    FOX SPORTS will again provide comprehensive coverage from the Round of 32 onwards. The Westfield FFA Cup’s official broadcaster will show 11 matches LIVE (one match per match night) while providing coverage and updates, as well as LIVE streaming, of all non-broadcast matches. Details regarding the FOX SPORTS broadcast and streaming will be announced closer to the start of the Round of 32.

    The first Round of 32 entrants from Member Federations will be decided tonight in Victoria with 2015 semi finalists Hume City taking on Moreland City, and 2014 semi finalists Bentleigh Greens hosting Green Gully, who made it to the final eight last year.

    Each Member Federation’s entrants in the Round of 32 will be decided before the following dates:

    24 May – Football Federation Victoria

    31 May – Football NSW

    5 June – Football West

    11 June – Football Queensland

    14 June – Northern NSW Football

    17 June – Football Federation Tasmania

    17 June – Capital Football (ACT)

    20 June – Football Federation Northern Territory

    25 June – Football Federation South Australia

    * Dates are subject to change

    Slot allocations for the Westfield FFA Cup 2017 Round of 32 remain unchanged with Football NSW receiving five (5) slots, Football Queensland and Football Federation Victoria four (4), Northern NSW Football and Football West two (2), and Football Federation South Australia, Football Federation Tasmania, Capital Football (ACT) and Football Federation Northern Territory each getting one slot.

    Features of the Westfield FFA Cup 2017 Final Rounds

    Match Schedule

    • The Round of 32 draw principles will remain unchanged with all ten (10) Hyundai A-League clubs placed into the same pot.
    • The match schedule remains predominantly similar to last year, with the Round of 32 to be held over three weeks, the Quarter Finals played prior to the start of the Hyundai A-League 2017/18 Season, and the Semi Finals completed before the end of October.
    • The draw principles that will see at least one Member Federation club advance to the Semi Finals will remain unchanged.
    • Member Federation clubs will be provided the opportunity to host matches when drawn against a Hyundai A-League opponent.
    • The Westfield FFA Cup Final 2017 is scheduled for Wednesday 22 November 2017.
    FOX SPORTS Coverage

    • The FOX SPORTS broadcast schedule will consist of 11 LIVE full broadcast matches and coverage of all other 20 matches from the Round of 32 onwards.
    • Round of 32 will feature 16 matches across four match days. FOX SPORTS is committed to broadcasting four of the matches LIVE with cameras at the other 12 matches.
    • Round of 16 will feature eight matches across two match days – two LIVE full broadcast with cameras at the six other matches.
    • Quarter Finals will feature four matches across two match days – two LIVE full broadcast with cameras at the other two matches.
    • Semi Finals will feature two matches across two match days, both broadcast LIVE.
    • The Westfield FFA Cup Final 2017 will be broadcast LIVE.
    - See more at:
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