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Are there any personal trainers for football out there?

Big Al

Well-Known Member
Dont knock the dark arts Big Al. Alot of it is subtle stuff, like using your chest and not you arms. The elbow is a key weapon and simply bracing your body at the right time. I tried to teach it to a Kung fu blackbelt (who was also a tireless centre mid) but when he tried he would always overdo it and give away a free kick.
Even a simple block tackle (you will always win if your body weight is over the ball) can set the tone early for an easy afternoon. My style of tackling was Alou Koul style sliding....which you can't get away with those these days. Also a bit of sledging, can be useful....not rude or stupid.....but good to involve the opposing fans...something like....can you send on another winger, this one is too easy.
The opposite mate. Encouraging the dark arts.
I got taken out of midfield to go as a sweeper to clean everyone’s shit up one year.

Mine to i crunched a smaller kid in a preseason game once with alot of shoulder and landed on him for good measure. The crowd wanted my blood and my own coach that it was a bad tackle.
still till this day i am adamant it was clean every one was pissed because he was smaller than me and got hurt.
I am not an aggressive person by any means but i did suffer a little white line fever and was happy to get physical with any one on the field.


Well-Known Member
My approach was always to try and get on the good side of the ref pre game and early in the game... give him some praise ...

Play reasonably clean... then when the need arose and someone deserved it hit them with a challenging tackle ... get up and apologise to the player say sorry to the ref and admit to a small error... kinda helped being seen and regarded as clean player that made a clumsy challenge .... never got booked for challenges other players were sent off for....

Something Matty S could learn from...

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