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ALW R16 vs MV

Rising Sun

Well-Known Member
Kicking off a thread for this afternoons game.

Should be quite a few recent ex-Matildas on show. Not sure how the salary cap works in the ALW, but MV already had Kellond-Knight and added Gielnik and Williams this season and we're still so far under the cap that they could bring in Chidiac mid-season.

Hopefully at least 30 or 45 for Kyah this week as a prelude to starting next week



Well-Known Member
Wu needs to be much stronger on the ball, she just gets muscled off it so easily in good areas. Needs to stand her ground

Rising Sun

Well-Known Member
One negative outcome from the game is that I think the card that Izzy picked up was her 5th and she will miss next week (Perth away).

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