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A League Grand Final


Well-Known Member
Melbourne City v Sydney FC at 5.05 pm Sunday 27 June 2021 at AAMI Park.The ultimate game of a season which saw CCM always among the front runners but unfortunately not able to make it this far.Despite the absence of MacLaren ,Good and Metcalfe I think City might do it this time.Sydney don't have Grant,McGowan and Redmayne so their defence will not be as strong though ALF ,Bobo and Barbarousses are proven goalscorers.

As usual the media have hardly mentioned the game -it's all about SOO,the two Sydney AFL clubs going to Melbourne and the wankers from Union.Even the women's SOO game played last night had more media attention then our GF.

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Im in Qld atm. Is this on mainstream tv or just Foxtel?
It's a Kayo freebie, not sure about FTA.

Beath reffing this one - I half thought the Iranian Showpony might get it, especially as Beath didn't ref any of the finals. While Beath had an absolute shocker last time he had us, normally I don't mind him for 95% of the game. As long as there isn't any major decision to make, he seems terrified of those. Yet.....I probably wouldn't rate anybody else higher

I have to admit, I didn't want AU or Macarthur in the finals at all, BR would probably have been nice. MCYv SFC semi is just dull on principle.

TC Redline

Well-Known Member
Im in Qld atm. Is this on mainstream tv or just Foxtel?
Delayed mate and excerpt from ABC.

“The clash was pushed to late on Sunday afternoon with a 5:05pm AEST kick-off due to ground availability in Melbourne and the late call on the venue and date.

It will be played at 50 per cent crowd capacity at AAMI Park, which should account for a grand final crowd of around 15,000 spectators.

You can watch the grand final delayed on ABC TV at 6:00pm AEST.”


Well-Known Member
This is farewell to the Foxtel boys and girls-many were not to everyone's taste but football always divides opinions.TBF Speedie's call of Mcgree's scorpion kick was pretty good but he annoyed many viewers otherwise.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Brattan. Asking for that.

Someone should check how much money was wagered on a player getting sent off.

$$$ ending up in Brattans bank account.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Brattan and SFC unlucky but all decisions correct just very close little things turned massive
Sorry but I don't see how Brattan was unlucky.
Booked, rightly so.
Then proceeds to tell the ref to f**k off. Gets away with it.
Then makes another stupid foul. Sent off.
If this game was SFC against us at Central Coast we'd be screaming for him to be sent off.
And as for the penalty. SFC get those decisions all the time.
This time it's against them.
Corica will scream about it after the game.

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