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2021/22 season


Well-Known Member
TBH we have been without Matty, Beni and Muller for much of the campaign. I don't rate Macarthur either and believe they will start sliding down. I don't know what to make of the Western nomads - I think they may slide a little as well. City and Victory look to be the top teams but I think we are at least able to compete with them. Jets also look to be better than their table position.
I think you are spot on, it's not really until January that teams settle and then you see who is going to be a force or a basket case. The two pool system this season because of Covid could be distorting ladder positions at the moment and for the near future.

I think we are a decent shout against the Cows on NYE, I hope they keep wining leading up to that match as well. They beat us with a very lucky deflection and we missed plenty of good opportunities.

City and Victory are the real deal and will be there at the pointy end of the season. Western and Cows will benefit from a good start like we did last season. Drive byes will only become a force like they should be if they can sort out their issues however I have my doubts that is possible. It will be a tight finish for the 6 again this season, at the moment we are keeping pace with the pack with plenty of potential for further growth and improvement.

Adelaide and Roar don't look good enough to bounce back from their poor starts, Nix do not have much depth and with a few additions can they settle in to be enough of a benefit. Scum are dangerous however it seems they will struggle with consistency. This period of uncertainty could destroy the Glory's season, make up games when no one else is doing the same will be hard to over come. To be honest I didn't rate the Glory this season anyway.

So I think there are 4 in a great early position so that leaves Shitney, WSW, CCM, Nix and Scum to battle it out for the 6. So 9 or 10 teams fighting it out. We need to minimise throwing away valuable points, so far my count is 2 points from the Cows game as we should have drawn that one at least. I felt we didn't really deserve anything from the Nix loss.


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What are the odds for us to make teh top six?

I reckon we'll be top four again but if I had a spare ten grand I'd feel safe betting on us to make top six.
As unfair as it sounds, I firmly believe the bottom four A-League teams movement will be limited.

Meaning, we only have seven other serious clubs to contend with.

Our chances are good.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member

Sydney FC is reportedly set to sign Socceroos midfielder Mustafa Amini.
According to a FTBL report, Amini will fly home to Australia from Cyprus to sign a contract next month with a Sydney side desperate to fill the void left by Luke Brattan, who is out for season after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

It’s understood Amini has verbally agreed to join the Sky Blues but is yet to put pen to paper.


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Does anyone else think the newy match is a portent and games could go crowd free?
my feelings on this have just about done a 180 in a matter of days. I was keen as to take the family to the NYE game but seeing 5000+ cases per day and actually knowing people who have caught it has made it all feel a lot closer to home and more concerning. I don’t necessarily think the APL should be the one to decide to shut the gates but I’m certainly very wary of heading to games for now and won’t be taking the family if I do. I know it’s relatively low risk but it’s a luxury and doesn’t sit well.


Unfortunately, I can see even more games being postponed. I understand about protecting everyone, but when does it get to the point that it will be almost impossible to make up all these games?


Well-Known Member
Unfortunately, I can see even more games being postponed. I understand about protecting everyone, but when does it get to the point that it will be almost impossible to make up all these games?
I read an article the APL will consider making the season 22 games so you play everyone twice and that way it eases up on too many make up games by removing 4 games for the season. I can see this as more of a possibility every day considering where we are heading. I seen article where Kisnorbo said only about 5 people at City haven't had the Rona. So they are probably in a good position, you would kind of want the majority to catch it at a similar time so it isn't a long and drawn out interruption. It is good to hear we are getting back to some kind of training, will be interesting to see how all this impacts teams and their momentum. Can not be an ideal situation for any team.

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