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    FFA confirms the Competition Calendar for the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season

    Football Federation Australia (FFA), in collaboration with the Hyundai A-League clubs, the PFA and major broadcaster FOX SPORTS, has finalised the competition window for the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season.

    The Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season will start on Friday 11 October 2019 with the Hyundai A-League 2020 Grand Final to be held on the weekend 16/17 May.

    FFA Head of Leagues, Greg O’Rourke, said the entry of Western United FC into the Hyundai A-League for the first time, combined with the scheduling of the AFC U-23 Championship 2020 in January, which also serves as the qualifying tournament for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, meant that a unique mix of challenges needed to be accommodated for the upcoming season.

    HYUNDAI A-LEAGUE TO NPL: Santalab, Valeri two of three former Hyundai A-League stars to have joined a new club in Victoria's NPL

    “For the past eight (8) seasons we have had ten clubs who have played each other three (3) times over 27 Rounds,” said O’Rourke.

    “With the introduction of Western United FC into the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season we needed to facilitate a bye each round. As we look to maintain a season window which amplifies the potential of football in Australia, the presence of a bye necessitates that we apply a new format to the competition.

    Sydney FC lift the Championship trophy after their Grand Final win over Perth Glory
    “This season, clubs will play each other twice with and additional six (6) matches per club that will see some clubs play each other three times over 29 rounds. A methodology has also been agreed as to determine the additional 6 matches.

    “The Hyundai A-League 2020 Finals Series will remain the same as the previous edition with Elimination Finals (3v6 & 4v5), Semi Finals (1 v lowest ranked winner from Elimination Finals, 2 v highest ranked winner from Elimination Finals,) and a Grand Final.

    “Similar to last season we activated a joint FFA/Clubs Competitions Calendar Working Group, tasked with considering and assessing the unique scheduling challenges for the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season. Following extensive discussions over recent months and assessment of the Hyundai A-League 2018/19 Season data, we collectively decided it is in the best interests of the Hyundai A-League to play through the international breaks this season, with the possibility of rescheduling matches should a certain number of players from a team be unavailable for selection due to certain international duties.

    HARD DATA: Opta reveals the number-based Team of the Year
    ACCOLADE: Three uncapped Hyundai A-League players in latest Caltex Socceroos squad

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the clubs, the PFA and FOX SPORTS for their genuine input and support for collaboration with FFA on determining the optimal competition format for the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season.

    “With this decision made, detailed work commences on the draw process and we are looking to release the final version of the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season draw in July.

    “In collaboration with our stakeholders, we will be focussed on developing a schedule which will amplify broadcast and attendance metrics, support club growth initiatives whilst providing a fair and equitable fixture schedule for all clubs that also meets key player welfare principles,” said O’Rourke.

    Key Points for the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season
    • 11 Clubs
    • 29 Rounds (13 Home/Away matches per club - 3 Byes per club)
    • Round One 11-13 October 2019
    • Round 29: 24-26 April 2020
    • No break for FIFA International dates
    • No Split Rounds (Bye preference for 3 clubs participating in the AFC Champions League 2020)
    • Hyundai A-League 2020 Finals Series structure remains the same (Elimination Finals (3v6 & 4v5), Semi Finals (1 v lowest ranked winner from Elimination Finals, 2 v highest ranked winner from Elimination Finals,) and the Grand Final)
    • Hyundai A-League 2020 Grand Final – weekend of 16/17 May 2020
    Opponent Match-up Weightings – Methodology
    • Due to the uneven number of Rounds for Season 2019/20 (e.g. 29 Rounds / 26 matches per Club), each Club will play a minimum of two matches against each other Club.
    • Select “third” opponent match-ups will be determined according to agreed methodology.
    Key Principles
    • Priority 1: Maximise Hyundai A League broadcast metrics
    • Priority 2: Fairness and competition integrity for all clubs
    • Priority 3: Maximise Hyundai A-League attendance metrics and other commercial priorities
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    So theirs’ no international break’s & no split round’s & each team gets’ 3 bye’s.
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    FFA Cup 2019 Final Rounds schedule announced

    Football Federation Australia (FFA) today confirmed the schedule for the FFA Cup 2019 Final Rounds.

    The Round of 32 fixtures will be played over three match days (Tuesday or Wednesday) between the 23 July – 7 August, with the Round of 16 to be played on two match days between 20 August – 28 August.

    The Quarter Finals have been condensed to one week (two match days) to avoid Member Federation Grand Finals and congested periods, and to assist Hyundai A-League clubs with their season preparations. They will be played on two match nights on 17-18 September.

    OLYMPIC STILL ALIVE: Road to the FFA Cup Final 2019 as amateurs spring upset in Adelaide
    APIA OUT: Giant-killers slayed by St George
    READ AND WATCH: On the road to the FFA Cup Final 2019

    The FFA Cup 2019 Semi Finals will revert back to midweek fixtures on 1-2 October, to avoid the NPL Finals Series and a congested competition calendar.

    The FFA Cup Final 2019 will also be moved forward from last year to the evening of Wednesday, 23 October.

    The draw process and principles for the Round of 32 of the FFA Cup 2019 will remain the same with the draw ceremony to be conducted LIVE on FOX SPORTS on Wednesday, 26 June 2019.

    The Round of 32 of the FFA Cup 2019 will contain 10 Hyundai A-League clubs (Western United FC will not participate this year), the 2018 NPL Champion (Campbelltown City SC from South Australia), as well as 21 clubs from the 737 that have entered from across Australia.

    FOX SPORTS will again provide comprehensive coverage from the Round of 32 onwards.

    The FFA Cup’s official broadcaster will show one LIVE match per match night while providing coverage and updates, as well as live streams, of all non-broadcast matches.

    Details regarding the FOX SPORTS broadcast and streaming will be announced closer to the start of the Round of 32.

    Each Member Federation’s entrants in the Round of 32 will be decided on or before the following dates:

    Member Federation


    Football Queensland

    Monday 3 June

    Football NSW

    Wednesday 5 June

    Football Tasmania

    Monday 10 June

    Football Victoria

    Wednesday 12 June

    Northern NSW Football

    Thursday 13 June

    Capital Football (ACT)

    Saturday 15 June

    Football West

    Sunday 16 June

    Football Northern Territory

    Tuesday 25 June

    Football Federation South Australia

    Saturday 22 June

    *Dates are subject to change

    Slot allocations for the FFA Cup 2019 Round of 32 from Member Federations remain unchanged with Football NSW receiving five slots, Football Queensland and Football Victoria four slots, Northern NSW Football and Football West two slots, and Football Federation South Australia, Football Tasmania, Capital Football (ACT) and Football Northern Territory each allocated one slot. One slot is also reserved for the 2018 NPL Champion (Campbelltown City SC – South Australia)

    FFA Cup 2018 – Final Rounds Match Schedule

    Round of 32

    3 weeks, 3 match days

    Round of 16

    2 weeks, 2 match days

    Quarter Finals

    1 weeks, 2 match days

    Semi Finals

    1 week, 2 match days

    FFA Cup Final 2019

    Tuesday 23 July

    Wednesday 24 July

    Tuesday 30 July

    Wednesday 31 July

    Tuesday 6 August

    Wednesday 7 August

    Tuesday 20 August

    Wednesday 21 August

    Tuesday 27 August

    Wednesday 28 August

    Tuesday 17 September

    Wednesday 18 September

    Tuesday 1 October

    Wednesday 2 October

    Wednesday 23 October

    *Dates and fixtures are subject to change
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    Five things you need to know about the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season

    The Hyundai A-League 2018/19 Season is over and before you know it the new campaign will be on our doorstep.

    And the 2019/20 campaign is set to be even more competitive and exciting than ever before with the introduction of a new club in Western United FC.

    READ MORE: FFA confirms the competition calendar for the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season

    With 11 teams now in the competition, there’s a few changes to the draw and how the season will work, with Football Federation Australia outlining some of those amendments on Friday.

    Here we break down the key things every fan needs to know about how things will run in the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season.

    How many games will my club play?
    As opposed to recent seasons, where there were 27 rounds, the 2019/20 campaign will see 29 rounds of action.

    But with 11 teams in the competition there will be a club that has a bye each week.

    Each club will have three byes over the season, meaning they will play a total of 26 games (13 at home, 13 away) over the course of the campaign, one fewer than previous years.

    The new format also means clubs will play each other at least twice, with the additional six matches meaning teams will play certain other clubs three times.

    What are the key dates?
    The new season will begin a week earlier than the 2018/19 campaign, with the opening round to take place from 11-13 of October 2019.

    The final round will be held over the Anzac Day weekend, between 24-26 April.

    WHO'S THE BEST: Vote for your Hyundai A-League Player of the Season
    WELCOME TALAY: New 'Nix boss confident Krishna will stay in Wellington

    The Hyundai A-League 2020 Grand Final is set down for either Saturday, May 16 or Sunday, May 17.

    Perth Glory and Sydney FC took part in the Hyundai A-League 2019 Grand Final
    How will the Finals Series work?
    There is no change to the system that was in place in 2018/19.

    The opening week of the playoffs will still see two Elimination Finals, with third-place hosting sixth and fourth at home against the fifth-place club.

    The Semi Finals would then see the Premiers host the lowest-ranked winner from the Elimination Finals, while the team that finishes the regular season second would take on the highest-ranked winner from Elimination Finals.

    HYUNDAI A-LEAGUE TO NPL: Santalab, Valeri two of three former Hyundai A-League stars to join NPL club
    FFA CUP FINAL ROUNDS: Scheduled announced

    The winner of those two matches would battle it out in the 2020 Hyundai A-League Grand Final.

    What are the other changes from the 2018/19 Season?
    The increase in rounds has meant that the 2019/20 campaign won’t stop for international dates.

    The FFA has also scrapped the use of Split Rounds, which were introduced for clubs participating in the AFC Champions League.

    Instead, clubs that are involved in the ACL will have their byes around their clashes in Asia.

    Melbourne Victory's James Troisi during this year's AFC Champions League
    When will the fixtures be released?
    Fans have less than two months to wait before finding out their club’s fixtures for the new season, with the full draw set to be released in July.
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    Fixtures rumoured to be out in the week starting 22/7
  6. style_cafe

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    FFS sake play 3 full rounds, it`s not that hard.
    Football fans want more football.
    When Macarthur come in next year what are you going to do? :popcorn:
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    Foxtel don’t want to pay to broadcast more rounds and considering the league ratings that’s not overly surprising. Playing everyone 3 times gets stale pretty quickly too. Games lose importance if you can say I really wanted to go see X team or player but they’re coming back later in the season anyway.
    I think we need to get to 14 teams as quickly as practical so we can have a proper home and away season. 16 teams would be ideal but that would be a while away, probably not on the cards until promotion and relegation has been seriously looked at. Maybe a 1 up 0 down for two seasons if the second division works.
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    I don`t think playing a team 3 times gets stake real quickly,we`ve been doing it since the A league started.
    Also,what percentage of fans would say I want to go see X team or X player,not too many I would think.
    However, I do agree that we need to get to 14 or even 16 teams asap and I hope it happens with the clubs in control and Gallop gone.

    As for P & R we`re a long long way from that.
    Realistically do we really need it?
    It would be ok if Australia had another 20 million people or if the FFA promoted the game properly or even if we had free to air on all games,and football became the number 1 football code. But as long as you have Channel 9 pushing the NRL and 7 pushing the AFL we have no chance of that.

    We only have to look at the other codes in this country.
    Does the NRL have P&R?
    Does the AFL have P&R?
    Does the ARU have P&R?
    Does Netball, Basketball & Cricket have P&R?

    No, because we don`t have the population to support such a system.
    Personally, I`d like to see 20 or more A League clubs before P& R.
    Let clubs prove themselves in an NPL or 2nd division and gradually increase the A League by 2 teams each time the League is expanded.
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    I agree with a lot of things you bring up and I don’t think it’s a simple situation. Population and competing codes as you say is a huge issue for football. But to an extent that’s also why we need to consider doing something different in the long term. But there needs to be a lot of planning around sustainability otherwise it will just churn through clubs.
    The possibility of promotion adds weight to a second division as the prospect of relegation adds importance to all games for the clubs low on the table. It’s risky and I used to be totally opposed but I’m coming around to the idea.
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  10. style_cafe

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    The key to doing something different is to "Footballise" the whole nation.
    By this I mean bring in teams from Darwin,Tassie, FNQ, Canberra,Gold Coast.
    Include the regionalised centres in the NPL with State PL`s under them.

    Then Football could be sold to TV stations with free to air coverage.
    Regional TV could have their games televised or streamed with ads
    Thus,we have more fixtures.
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  11. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    I want to see those regions and more represented but it seems unlikely that will happen, if it did we'd be running a 20+ team comp eventually and it wouldn't be manageable in it's current state. It would need to be divided somehow - you could do that with conferences like the NBA or you can do it in a more traditional football way with a second division and promotion and relegation. Having clubs survive a drop would be heavily dependent on the financials of the second tier including a media deal.

    Also when we're talking about going to more locations around the nation the league needs to accept that means more Jets & Mariners sized clubs. We have metrics around big attendances and ratings but few clubs have the kind of catchment to support those targets. And the ones that do risk having their back yard carved up like if we introduced a south sydney or east melbourne bid which realistically should happen at some point given the concentration of our population on the east coast and those two particular cities. As much as the forum loves to put shit on the jets their attendances per capita are some of if not the best in the league and both big and small clubs need to be pushing to get to that level or higher.
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  12. pjennings

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    I love this idea - with the new A League management I think that the expansion teams will be 'selected' not promoted. They will be from areas th at will not hurt existing HAL clubs so after Macarthur and Western United I would expect to see Canberra, Team XI, Hobart and Wollongong. This assume Tony Sage does not get us including Asian teams.

    After that there is plenty of scope for a professional second division and a semi-pro third division. There are plenty of clubs and regions that have already put their hand up. Whether they want to be fully pro or semi pro could determine which division they start in.

    We could consider Adelaide City, Adelaide Metrostars, Apia Leichhardt, Ballarat (Goldfields), Bayswater City, Bentleigh Greens, Blacktown City,
    Brisbane Strikers, Cairns, Central West NSW, Coffs Coast/North Coast, Darwin, Joondalup, Freemantle, Geelong, Gold Coast, Green Gully,
    Heidelberg United, Hume City, Ipswich, Launceston, Manly United, Melbourne Knights, SMFC, Sunshine Coast, Sutherland Sharks, Sydney Olympic, Sydney United, Toowoomba, Townsville, West Adelaide, Wide Bay - Burnett.
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  13. turbo

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    According to twitter the draw release has been pushed back a week or two because two clubs weren't happy with it.
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  14. sydmariner

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  15. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Rumour is the jets were one of the teams. Not sure on the other.
  16. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    There is another supposed draw leak doing the rounds on Twitter, has us hosting the nix rd 1, hosting the f3 derby rd 2 then playing the away game in round 6 which would be completely ridiculous. I'm hoping it's just rubbish or both clubs have major objections to it because it will definitely hurt attendance.
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  17. sydmariner

    sydmariner Well-Known Member

    Does it say the date/ time
  18. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Rd 1 listed to start Oct 11. We had the Sat night game. Our F3 derby was the sunday night game, theirs a sunday arvo. It's probably all rubbish anyway. At least Perth and WSW were scheduled to meet twice weeks apart as well. If it was a legit leak someone didnt review it too well.
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  19. marinermick

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    We already know we are playing WSW away first game
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  20. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    That was from a previous leak. Unless we have it confirmed from Shaun or the league themselves we don't know anything about the fixtures for certain.
    That's not to say we aren't still scheduled to be playing them away round 1, just that there's no reason that particular match would be set in stone. Bit of history to it but not enough to put a spanner in the works if there's other issues.
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