2013 - Where are you playing this year?

possum x

I got good information from a umina cricketer that council are doing umina oval up, don't know if that's a good thing or bad. Southern & Ettalong definetley the best club on the peninsula though.


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Thank God for that! long overdue. Only thing worse than playing football on it would be trying to field on it.

Seattle Sounders

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Im moving to the Gosford area next year from the US, whats a good local club to join? been playing for many years but getting old now (32) so im not an amazing player but not shit either.


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Welcome Seattle Sounders! We've got some great local clubs around that area, and like Dibo said it really depends on where you move to :)
A lot of the MAA teams will have a few older guys in there! I know Kariong have some great social MAA teams, as do Gosford and East Gosford.

Seattle Sounders

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Im gonna be trying to live close by a train station (Gosford or Woy Woy) as ill be working downtown. My Brother in-law has been associated with Southern Ettalong for years but he said he wouldn't recommend it for a a new player haha not sure why. Here you just put a team together and pick witch city league you wanna join based on the teams ability, pay the fees and play all year round summer,fall,winter,spring. with 2 weeks off between each season.
Sounds like its a lot more organised over there. Looking forward to playing in warm weather!!!


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11-a-side runs from April to August; there are futsal and various 5-a-side and 6-a-side competitions for the off-season, when frankly it's too hot to play.

If you're near the stations, Gosford, Wyoming and East Gosford are all pretty close to Gosford station; Woy Woy and Southern are both pretty close to Woy Woy station.

I'm phenomenally biased towards Gosford, but I don't think any of them are bad clubs.