you're listening to what right now????


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TWISTED SISTER....come all ye faithful...a twisted christmas album


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Hi guys....I'm new here.  :p

I've made a Mariners Mix CD for Lamese's birthday so I'm listening to that.  It contains songs that remind of the Mariners, and the originial songs we've adapted for the good 'ol songs such as yellow submarine, lion sleeps tonight etc. 

Now I'm fired up  :vhappy:


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dibo said:
adz said:
Jeff (LouMacari) said:
the fan on my pc
does yours sound like a jet taking off too? lol
amd user? my intel box at work is fine, but my amd box at home always sounds like a 737 warming up on the tarmac...
intel core2duo but not a premade one, built up from parts that include a chunky (loud) fan ;D


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Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello - Really good Gypsy Punk Band from US. The singer is touted as a real life Borat