What would ALVAR do?


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This one is quite tricky. Besiktas are a big team dominating this game, so the VAR must give the goal, but that would be the correct decision, which ALVAR cannot do. I'm stumped already.

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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This would have been very, very difficult for the ref to get right, no doubt. AR won't be of much help - almost impossible to see which side of the post it crosses on. All you see is a net shake and the ball go out. same as the ref. I've had this sort of thing happen, really messes with your head and you're left not really sure of what happened....because even though you thought it went in, if it's now out then it didn't possibly go in....right?

As for the VAR? Depends on which team is involved, and whether Kris Griffiths-Jones ducked out to get another Big mac.

If MV scored? They'd correct it. if they conceded? Oops, kicked out the plug again!!