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The Usual Suspects


Well-Known Member
Pat, Did you think he was innocent????? Maybe you are one of the 7 people that voted for him when he had the hide to run as an independent.
No idea and wrong electorate. But I knew of her reputation before anything came up against him and the truth about her was revealed. It smelt like a setup then and I have no reason to think otherwise (though I haven't really looked into it).

As Style said though let's concentrate on the football.


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In defence of PJ he's spot on with the character of the lady who buried him and the fact she went down for a lot more than he did. Doesn't change the fact he got caught being dodgy.


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I didnt realise it was on the other stuff heading until I’d already posted Mick. Maybe we need a politics thread… :popcorn:
We have one already.

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