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Discussion in 'Overseas Football' started by Sym, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Sym

    Sym New Member

    This needs a thread of it's own so here we are

    In the big game Chelsea and Man U 1-1 good game although being down for so long was making me physically ill.Even result I think

    half time and wigan and spurs 0-0
    man city 2-0 over pompey
    hull 1-0 over everton

    and earlier villa 2-1 over wba in the derby
  2. Sym

    Sym New Member

    hmm shockwaves hanging about atm
    Man City 6 Pompey 0

    also hull and everton 2-2 (Timmy got one:) )
    spurs and wigan stayed goaless
  3. Ted

    Ted Well-Known Member

    Yeah mate I was feeling relieved when it was back to 1 all.

    Although a win would to Chelseas have been much better.  ;)
  4. Kareem

    Kareem Well-Known Member

    yea robinho!
  5. serious14

    serious14 Well-Known Member

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    A bit gutted about the 1-1 'cause the equaliser came late on, but a great game all round.
  6. Sym

    Sym New Member

    Either Pompey had one of there off days, or MAN CITY ARE THE REAL DEAL
    0-0 spurs and wigan
    I dunno if that is bad or good for the spurs anymore
  7. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    well i guess its good that we didnt concede :ashamed:

    Juande has no farken clue atm....being paid 6million quid and cant even settle on a starting XI making stacks of changes every game.

    I think we'll get done by the toon at SJP on wednesday
  8. Sym

    Sym New Member

    Is pav getting much game time ?
  9. Peachos

    Peachos New Member

    Arsenal top of the league by a point  :eek:
  10. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    full game against villa in which he did not impress and won little ball and 46 mins this morning, being replaced by Campbell.

    Didnt play Wisla game as he was cup tied
  11. Sym

    Sym New Member

    That buy isn't looking to good atm, if they got arshavin(spelling) that would of been great for them
  12. Peachos

    Peachos New Member

    Ramos out by christmas?

    RADINHO New Member

    lol Ramos was the magician 2 years ago.
  14. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    he still may be....he wasnt so popular at sevilla when he first started and then look how that turned out. He hasn't been helped by levy and commolli's shit transfer dealings.

    Time to earn his 6 million quid
  15. Sym

    Sym New Member

    Apparently West Ham are in the shit because of Tevez and Mascherano the season they escaped relegation, Sheffield went down that season and now have won in court and West Ham have to pay Sheffield the money they lost for being relegated etc, about 30mil I think
  16. tuftman

    tuftman New Member

    Havent West Ham got a billionaire owner from Iceland or something though...cos I remember hearing that they needed to tighten the purse strings at the start of the season and thinking wtf is that dude doing but whats the go is the money to cover things like lost TV and ticket revenue? cos that would be pretty hard to actually measure with any sort of accuracy really
  17. Sym

    Sym New Member

    I think maybe you get money for your premiership status ?
    Isn't there a pay day when you are promoted ?
    Not sure but yeah I just heard 30mil
    and after losing 6-0 to arsenal reserves who had an average age of 19
    Sheffield need something..anything
  18. Sym

    Sym New Member

    " Newspaper reports suggest the Blades could be looking for a figure of around 30million ($A66.5 million), while chairman Kevin McCabe is on record as saying that relegation cost United at least 50million ($A110.8 million) in lost revenues. "

    Send some of that to your younger sibling ? 8)
  19. serious14

    serious14 Well-Known Member

    That Newcastle/Tottenham game this morning was just............. horrid.  Utterly, utterly horrid.  I've seen some shit games of football in my time (any time Perth and NZ/Wellington play), but this was on an entirely whole other level of shite.

    I thought there might have been some comedic value out of the battle of the bottom, but really, it was disgraceful in every way.  Even more so because Tottenham won.  Even MORE so because it was the League Cup.  And just to top it off, St James' Park was 3/4 empty.

  20. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    i think what you are trying to say is.........glory glory tottenham hotspur!!!

    Please be more careful in the future

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