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The COVID Chat

Big Al

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Americanism.. :popcorn:
Hey style. I am not being a smart arse here but give it a quick google and it’s history is very interesting.

The red white and blue poles don’t represent America but they did use it in that way later on.

Original Barbers where surgeons as well and the distinctive pole is relates to blood letting.

Red for the blood spilt
Blue for the Veins
White for the bandages

and the original barbers are said to date back to the Egyptions

however the Americans did take it over in the new age. Especially seeing the poles as patriotic.

Apparently brothels in Asia use the same pole so be careful haha


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NewsMax is to the right of FoxNews along with One America News OAN. When Fox News called Arizona for Biden Fox viwers left in droves to these two networks.

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