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Sydney FC Away 22nd Jan

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member


Well-Known Member
3 of them standing around the ball on the set piece and once again a similar delivery, no secrets or change ups.

So why not commit those 2 players to the attack line or spread away or wider for better chance of rebound?

Does my head in.


Well-Known Member
We very much look second best to everything. Slower, ball watching, average passing, average decision making.

Ruon though. Enormous. TCT in his pocket


Well-Known Member
Im actually very happy with how we are playing.

Tonyik has been superb. Bonzanic, DeSilva and Matty Simon all very good. Birraz rock solid as usual.

Stens needs to switch on a bit more.

I like the look of King, Sydney's LB, we should poach him.


Well-Known Member
Would imagine Kuol for Bouman and then Urena for Simon not long after that. We have nothing in the mids for subs tho


Well-Known Member
A few tired legs and more stray passes than usual.

Nizzy and DDS have slowly been taken out of the game.

I reckon Stens has only one that has held composure the most alongside Ollie and Tonj.

We had a good period of possession with a good mix of press and stealing.
But then we lost our legs and let them into the game and they starting chipping out back line and pot shoring from outside 18.

Have to get a goal early in second half then introduce fresh legs.
Or keep the same team on on exact same structure and hope we can keep composed and go for 60/40 possession then pounce in last 10 minutes of game.


Active Member
Sydney always looking more likely to score but at nil all at half time if we can get our subs right and Urena is fit and has the technique an upset is on the cards.Can't let them score in the first 5 mins of the second half.


Well-Known Member
We won't win every game and in all likelihood we'll lose this (an edit ideally required yet) but we are a competitive side again who can beat any team on their day. Many have said well be a mid table side which I agree with. This is kilometres better than the previous 5 years and I'll take it.

Just as I went to post this we scored! YEEEEWWWW
Last edited:


Well-Known Member
Only difference is the shots on goal are higher quality on the shitney side and we have given a few sloppy turn overs. Right in this.

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