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Server Maintenance


Staff member
Doing a little maintenance on the site today - if anyone gives 2 shits, moving the code off Google App Engine and onto a VPS, as we had before. App Engine really isn't suited to running a forum, as we've discovered... although it hasn't been as bad as some I guess.

There shouldn't be any downtime but in case there is. This is probably the reason.

Aaaaand we will probably get more SSL issues, so apologies in advance.



Staff member
We're back on. It took a bit longer (than expected) for a couple of reasons... I wasn't going to move the database, which would have meant 0 downtime, but decided to move that too (upgraded DB server).
So had to wait for the DNS to propagate, which took a while.
And then there was an issue with one of the plugins, so some things have been disabled for now (ratings and... umm...)


Staff member
Am aware of issues when going through https (SSL) - the technical term there is it's "munted"

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