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Round 5 - CCM vs Carl Robinson's last chance.


Well-Known Member
Like by Duke. I know he no longer plays at WSW but he did play under Carl. Seems even the players don’t like him
With all due respect to Mitch Duke, he thinks football owes him the world, which it doesn’t. He’s bitter that his time at Al-Taawoun didn’t go to plan. Afterwards, he briefly returned to WSW with his tail between his legs.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Was one win from eleven, now it’s two. They were rubbish last year and we played to their level. I really hope Monty can lift the team when we are favourites, annoyed the hell out of me last season when we fell to the oppositions level.

Unlike last season I get the feeling we may put a few teams to the sword. We create so much more under Monty’s tactics. One day it will click and boom there is four or five goals.
Head to head, before yesterday's game.
They'd scored 46 goals
We'd scored 28.

FFC Mariner

Well-Known Member
With all due respect to Mitch Duke, he thinks football owes him the world, which it doesn’t. He’s bitter that his time at Al-Taawoun didn’t go to plan. Afterwards, he briefly returned to WSW with his tail between his legs.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
The family are all WSW foundation members
Even at the GF in 2013
He's doing ok in Japan I believe


Well-Known Member
I just don't see how people can be disappointed in his game. His missed shots, ok, but his play with Moresche and Nizzy was amazing. There was a passage of play where they passed between each other and went straight through the middle of WSW then dropped it wide to create a chance. I love seeing him shoot. You need to buy a ticket to win a raffle so the more he shoots, the better it is.

f**k I hope your right

At the moment it seems that Urena is being played as a 9. I'm not debating he's skills in ball movement, nor and am I disappointed in his abilities.
My disappointment stems from his positional expectation. Yesterday he had approximately 6 good attempts on goal of them only one was on target.As a 9, i would be surprised if he wasn't disappointed with his own finishing.
that's not to say he's not a great player, i just think being aware of your failings and working to improve them in a game to game situation will ensure we don't end up like WSW.
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Well-Known Member
I like how Urena saves his energy for the bursts when he needs it. Good goal scorers even our lovely friend Berisha lurks and does the same.

I don’t blame Urena for shooting on a couple of them but last year he would have passed the ball on 2 of the opportunities for team mate tap ins or 1on1’s.

Maybe he’s trying a bit too hard, just needs to relax and look at the video of some of the assists he had from last year.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Sonic (who also coached there) has intimated that Gavin Costello and John Tsatsimas may be the two. That doesn't with the most mentions but might show even more problems

Ancient Mariner

Well-Known Member
I am tired of waiting for Wombat so will post my thoughts.
Although WSW were slow in their passing our defence at the back was brilliant. They never looked like getting through and the one good chance they had late was solidly stopped by Birraz.
Lots of rumours about Ruon, but if he is staying he is going to have his work cut out to displace Dan Hall. He plays like a veteran and has seamlessly fitted in with Rowles.
One of The best games I have seen from Miller. Last year he would take the ball down the sideline and get worried and not know what to do. Now I would not swap him with any other right back in Australia. He just needs to learn not to piss off the ref. If you go down and complain for any small touch and the ref has to tell you to play on, the ref soon gets fed up and finds a reason to give you a card. Especially if you are big. Little guys can get away with it. Lewis cannot. He should look at Nizz drawing the foul that led to our second goal. Get knocked over in a play that could have been a foul and just get back up again and let them have a second go. Makes the refs decision a happy one.
Massive, massive off season improvement.
I put Farrell in the same place as Dan. Just awesome.
Nizz was by far my MOM best player on the field by a country mile. I am wondering how long it will take Arnie to give him a call. He really is that good.
Cy shows more and gets better every game. He reeks of class. I hope we can keep him for a couple of years.
While both Ollie and Harry had good games, WSW owned the midfield throughout much of the match. Mostly by outnumbering our mids 3 to 2. However Troisi was not shut down at all. I suspect that Ballard was told when he came on to close down Troisi. He was all over him like a rash and was impressively effective. He may have won his spot back.
I love Moresche's enthusiasm He is another one who is getting better every game. Great value.
I run out of superlatives when I think about Urena. He runs or front third like a machine.His work with Nizz, Miller, Moresche and Goddard is a joy to watch. He is the reason so many chances are made. Possibly he took too much responsibility on himself and shot when he should have passed or when he was not fully balanced. I suspect his roll in this team takes a lot of pressure of Monty in organising the attack. I am happy we have him for another couple of years and hope he settles here and follows a similar path to Monty. He also is quality.

Man to man most of the WSW Sydney players were individually more skilful and definitely more experienced but as a combination they were crap. I would be interested to see the comparison of the wage bills. Having said they were crap it does not take away from our defence. They were like a wall. Even though we gave WSW hours in our half with the ball, they looked toothless.

The thing I loved most last night was Cy's goal.
1) The cross was hard and fast across the goal at ground level not lobbed in. Very scary.
2) We had three players attacking it. Moresche, Urena and Goddard. Hook it up to my veins.

To finish on a bit of a down note. I do not think we will see a lot more from Storm this year. A shame to see this squad has definitely passed him by. Probably one season to many and would have been better off with an NPL side. I can only hope that he is a valuable contributor at training and with advice to the youngsters. Over the years he has had some good games with us.

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
Love RT as a player, don't love the accusations from earlier this year and subsequent silence. No clue at all if true or not but for a family club not to come out guns blazing in his defense....it doesn't look right. Dan is as good as RT to date so sell RT... selling players is supposedly our strategy anyway.

I can't imagine a stupider thing for the club to do than come out "blazing in his defense". This is an issue for the parties involved and their lawyers/legal system to resolve. Drawing attention to it at this stage does no one any good but could cause serious unnecessary damage and trauma to both parties. Which is the reason why the wiser heads on here have pushed back on anyone gossiping about it on here from the get go.

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