Round 18. Newcastle away.

Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by Justin Cooney, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Hoping for a good turn out for this one. All crap aside, the hatred for the scum should take over. Hope to see that awaybay full!!
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  2. onto it

    onto it Member

    Move along folks. 'Nothin to see here....

    That we haven't ***kin seen all season long!
  3. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    We need to see the drive and urgency we saw in the last 15-20 mins from kickoff otherwise we’ll be in trouble. Not suicide throwing everyone forward stuff but showing a real desire to win the game because I think the jets will be up for it and if we’re not we’ll pay for it. They’ll be favourites based on recent performances.

    A loss here would be really detrimental to our season but a win would put us 6 points clear of the spoon.
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  4. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    A loss here puts Jets 1 point behind - and they seem to be better at holding onto a draw than we are. So, a loss here puts us in a really bad position. And if we lose here, I think we're done - mentally I can't imagine we'd recover.

    This ranks highly as 'derby games I'm least looking forward to'

    Jets have absolutely nothing to lose - we do - and given how much mindset is a problem, I think that's a really dangerous position for us.
    We've choked hard the last few weeks so I'm dreading it.

    I'd like to see, maybe Muzz and Majok starting up front. Simon to come on at halftime, maybe still keep those 2 on but replace a midfielder with Simon and have him just in behind those 2, replace Majok with DRD after about 60min. DRD earned a good run. Honestly, moreso than Majok, but I'd rather have DRD running at tired legs than Majok. And just maybe Muzz can manage to link up with one of those 2.

    It's hard - we honestly don't have a striker who is worthy of a start, IMO. And I know my suggestion of Majok starting is a bit daft, given he hasn't even been on the bench for so long, but we need to switch up the strikers, we need to keep 2, and Majok isn't an impact sub. If DRD does well again, then I'd argue he's earned a start the following week.

    I've jumped off the anti-Simon bandwagon. He works damn hard - and we need that. He's everywhere on the pitch - and we need that too.
    And IMO, he lifts the entire team. It would be so hard for heads to drop, but he keps fighting and it helps the team to keep fighting. I thought we did keep fighting last week and we fought more as the match went on - when it would be so easy to give up. I think we're going to need his fire.
    If Oar starts (hope not), then Simon should replace him at halftime - unless Duric is gassed again.
    Clisby better not be anywhere fkn near this game.

    Niz to start again and hopefully remain on all game.

    Did I say that Clisby better be staying at home?

    Anybody know how Fox's injury is going? IMO we really need him - I'd love to know what the issue with him is.

    Oh, also, I really want Staj to keep Clisby the f**k away from this game.
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  5. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    No they are 3 points behind after their draw on the weekend and we have a 4 goal difference. We’re dead even if they win by 2.
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  6. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    oh f**k, forgot about their draw.
    Also, we really should worry big about them having Royo. Not just for our game.
    Worst case scenario for them is that he makes no difference to their attack. If he scores even just a handful of goals, then that's going to lift their GA above ours (I'm presuming our attack doesn't find a miracle and figure out where the goal is at any point this season).
    And all they need to do is convert some draws to wins - we've actually lost more than they have.
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  7. LFCMariners

    LFCMariners Well-Known Member

    Be interesting to see if they start Red Card Roy or sub him on in the second half. When you take 27 shots on goal and net zero, I'd presume shooting practice is going to be high priority for the week, so it should also be for us. They would've been keen to win last weekend but couldn't do it, and this weekend especially will be no different. Need to show the same intensity as in the closing 10 minutes against WSW, and if the Jets go in front in the first half an hour got to keep heads up. Generally mentality and fitness has been good in our squad even despite poor execution- hopefully this weekend the only difference is better execution that finds the net at least once.

    I've seen enough of these fixtures over the years to know there's a decent chance CCM make up for the past few weeks and win this one convincingly. Or Roy will tear up and bang in at least one, the Jets will run riot and take full advantage of any half-chance offered to them, and the commentators will finish up asking "Where has this performance been from the Jets all season?"

    This match probably won't decide the spoon- too many other matches to follow, they play Brisbane again (twice IIRC) and always seem to get them, we have SFC twice and have done surprisingly well against them the past few seasons, considering. CCM may well have more Perth aways or Victory stunners up their sleeve this season, and likewise the Jest could take any trajectory from here. But for CCM, this weekend is important because it's the chance to make a statement that this squad has been beaten in games, but not defeated mentally. Jets might play well and win- but if CCM can click and trouble them all the way, this could yet prove to be "lose the battle, win the war"

    Fire up and FTS!
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  8. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Round 19 they reckon... 47D42B47-32DC-4ECD-94E0-A58F7E098832.jpeg
  9. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    That photo has since been deleted from their page... after a few people (no idea who ;)) called them out on it :doh:
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  10. onto it

    onto it Member

    Yep to most. I can't agree with Niz as a holding midfielder. That positioning last week I just couldn't fathom. Niz does not have the size to help out with the back line when needed - that's just basic physics. Win a battle for a high ball...?
    I think he would be better utilised further up front where his nippiness could make a difference to the attacks in the last third. An AM, not a DM.
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  11. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    Welcome. I've been waiting here for 12months.
    Did you bring others with you?
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  12. onto it

    onto it Member

    I like it.
  13. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member

    USUALLY if you’re dragged at half time for a criminal mistake you’re done for the next match at least.
    Take me out the back and put me down if Clisby is involved.
    I’m at the point where I’d bring in Ruon or Fox to CB and shift Kye to cover LB. yeah I know he doesn’t have the go forward but we’d be defensively sound there and the other two SHOULD be chomping at the bit for some minutes.
    Nizzy was okay last week but I’d chuck DRD in for him, build his confidence more and drop Milan next to Kim to dictate our possession game.
    Ditch Murray for maybe matty I dunno f**k maybe play striker less at this point is mark moric still trying to sue us?
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  14. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Clisby will definitely be dropped.

    My hunch is that Oar will go to left back to cover the pace of Millar and Simon and Jair will start. Clisby and Murray dropped.

    Maybe Stens in for Nisbet as well.
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  15. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    I wouldn’t mind this.
    Tbh I don’t care what we do. We can field Usain bolt for all I care. 3 points is a must.
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  16. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member

    I’m inclined to agree but Tommy’s mistake and then double mistake in giving away the pen makes me feel like a 3rd option needs to be considered by staj.
    And just more on Clisby, this was his second chance at holding down his spot after his horrendous early season form. And given staj is far from afraid to make stern decisions, I’d say Clisbys time is done with us.
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  17. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Unless there was a tantrum behind the scenes I think if SS got dropped for his contribution in the roar game you have to drop both Clisby and Oar at least to the bench after that one. Although against the jets CBs Oar’s pace might be tempting for Staj but can you let him get away with a few poor games without taking action?

    It’s unlikely Hatch appears from nowhere to starting so that means Rowles out to the left. Alternatively if you really want to keep him central play a back 3 and play someone like Stensness or weemac in the left wing back role.

    Staj will need to gauge the mood and how confidently he wants to play but a 4-2-3-1 could be likely. Having GG would have given us more options in deployment.

    Miller — Ziggy — Fox/Tongyik — Rowles
    ——— Stensness — — Kim—————-
    Harold ———— Duric ———— DDS

    Subs Simon, Nisbet, Murray, DRD, SS, whichever defender doesn’t make the start. Might be a case for weemac depending on the coverage we want.

    Simon probably deserves the start but IMO he’s worth more as a sub to shift the mood if we’re down or need a kick up the arse. Plus around Boogart can you be too confident he won’t become a liability over 90 mins?

    If you wanted to shift in to a 4-3-3 if just push Duric back between Kim and Stens but don’t think it would make a huge difference to how we sit on the park.
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  18. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    I don't mind your squad.
    I'd be more personally looking at a 41221. So stens comes to a holding role and djuric drops back next to Kim.
    In attack you can then look more like a 4141 with Kim and Djuric pushing up high. Kim is less likely than Djuric to get caught up field based on pace.
  19. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    My concern would be that's too close to how the 4-2-2-2 was functioning in practice and we need to fix the problems that have been highlighted in that structure. Exposing our wing to Millar will play in to one of their best attacking options and just can't happen. I think a wider formation makes it very clear who should be marking who to stop that happening. In my suggestion that would be DDS, if he can't go with him Kim can go out knowing Stens is covering or Rowles can step up.
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  20. jacobclear

    jacobclear Active Member

    Would be nice to get a win this weekend. I still have faith in this club as a whole.

    We need to go back to what made us successful in the Arnie days. Falling back on youth talent we know we have rather than disregarding them, with some experience at the back and in midfield to buoy them. This is something to attempt next season.

    I expect Clisby to be dropped, but who plays left-back?
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