Road to Qatar 2022/China 2023

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My guess is miss 30 odd and only win 4 nil.

Why the hell cant Australia produce proper strikers anymore. Taggart choked.
Ok. I was half right. McClaren is a good poacher but we were very unimpressive, slow, wasteful, many poor passes and even worse decision making and above all a dire lack of creativity. Very ugly 5 goals on balance. Disappointing. Glad Arnie wasn’t happy with it either.

Souttar though was huge for us. And he played ok too.


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Congratulations to Maty who will be captain tonight!!







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I like that they’re actually playing unlike so many other lower ranked Asian opponents we face. I can respect that.


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Let’s not get carried away. They were two very mediocre teams. However, you can only play what’s in front of you.

Jury is still out with Souttar. It is easy to boss around midgets when you are six foot six. Let’s see how he goes against more quality opposition.


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I needed Australia to score 5 or more for me to get a payday from the TAB.

Thank you Harry.