Rafa the red gone

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Well, we all knew it was going to happen but we did not when. Rafa seems to have agreed terms with Liverpool to quit the club by the weekend, the original debt for Liverpool was 350 million pounds, when Rafa leaves it will be close on 365 million pounds.

Question now will Torres and Gerrad stay, money talks.


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Not confirmed yet.  Latest word is that he might be a prick and stick around regardless, forcing them to sever the contract and pay it out in full, or stubbornly stay on and try to manage them next season.

Most likely won't happen, as according to just about everyone (Guardian, F365, SSN, etc.) he's lost the dressing room, but it could also be his agent trying to maximise his 10%.


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Kenny Dalglish, Martin O'Neill and Sir Woy of Hodgson are the top three names being thrown around at the moment.  Dalglish seems the most likely.


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Rafa is now headed to inter to replace the special one