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Problems getting logged out


Staff member
Seems we are having a few teething issues with the server move. It was slow as all f**k last week, possibly due to being on some low-spec hardware, and there are reports (I've also had this intermittently) of getting logged out very quickly. I did an update yesterday to the forum software so that could have introduced some hectic security that logs people out.

If anyone else is having issues getting logged out, can you please let me know here, and a general idea of what you were doing at the time - e.g. just browsing through posts, trying to make a new post or thread, trying to send a private message (this is where I kept getting logged out).



Staff member
No problems here

Might be a good idea though if we lose again

Not sure about that - imagine writing a mega-pissed-off-rant and hitting post and whammo... logged out...



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No problems with getting logged out here but couldn't access the site on Friday. Presume that's to do with the low specs getting overloaded.
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Staff member
No problems with getting logged out here but couldn't access the site on Friday. Presume that's to do with the low specs getting overloaded.

Yeah that was the start of it - was going slow, still not sure if it was because the low spec because CPU/RAM usage etc was just about nothing - then it decided to completely shit itself and I had to redeploy everything :mad:


Staff member
I think I've finally sorted this one out.

In case anyone is interested - the site is sitting behind a load balancer, which was doing some funky things with ip addresses. Hopefully it's all good with a fix I've added in.

Let me know if anyone still has issues getting logged out...

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