National Club Identity Policy (NCIP) Review

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Is OK to return to the NSL days of mono-cultural clubs like Hellas, Croatia in the A-League?

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  1. MrCelery

    MrCelery Well-Known Member

    An formal opportunity to provide your views on whether top-level football should continue to require clubs to have city\regional identities, or whether it is OK to return to the NSL days of mono-cultural clubs like South Melbourne Hellas, Sydney Croatia, etc.
  2. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    More than happy for them to be so in NPL etc but not A League.
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  3. Offsider

    Offsider Active Member

    The world has changed ........... and I have witnessed it in my lifetime.

    As an apprentice at port kembla steelworks we called most of our masters ........ wogs. I used to go by dions bus ( slow boat to china) to woonona to watch prague v sth coast united and never understood a word yelled. You didn’t call anybody a wog to their face then, and It later became accepted and is now even a term of endearment. Their now grown up off spring and the baby boomers recognise their parents contribution to building the great infrastructure that underpinned the country. I now have friends that would be offended if I didn’t say “g’day ya wog “ to them when we pass.

    In those days people worked at being a multinational country and the use of the banned names “syd croatia “ etc went against that philosophy.
    Australia has changed ............ we are now a country that is no longer fighting to be multinational .......... it is now a Country of multi nations.
    The fight is lost ............. multi nations it is.

    Is it not discriminatory to not allow a person to relate to their descendancy. Surely the rich culture of the people that built the country should be allowed to be recognised. I knew a very pretty chinese girl, she was a flatmate of a uni student I was dating, she talked about how awkward she felt being so different with her slanty eyes and in such a minority she hated going to town or even the pictures of a sat night. It is now I that feel that, when I go to sydney shopping. The number of times I have asked for directions on the street and people just ignore me ......... I assume they don’t speak english or don’t have to speak english.

    I don’t really care .......... the bad air quality in sydney plays havoc with my sinuses............ I haven’t been to sydney in over three years. Don’t miss it at all. I recognise the beauty in clean air .......... and no faces ..........of any nationality.

    The biggest opposition to the ethnic names were the ethnics themselves. I still think it would be fine to call the black kettle black or white or yellow whatever colour he wants to be called .......... it is just a name to me.
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