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Greetings to all, I hope you are well, I'm new here and I'm about to buy my first car, I know it's a topic off topic here but I would like to get the necessary information to do so from who owns it and I'm posting in several forums for it. The truth is that I have been highly recommended the Fiat Spider, I signed up for the forum to go learning everything it has to offer, read and even if I get something really interesting to share it. I tell you that I am very organized, I run my company with everything legal, I travel a lot and I'm even one of those who use --spam-- to organize myself in almost everything. For those who do not know this tool, because I recommend it, it is very good and here I leave the link here I recommend it to make my first contribution and not just ask to ask. This I share and mention, because I need to know what space has the car? The truth is that I have researched a lot and I know the dimensions it brings, but is it comfortable to use this type of car for constant travel or do I recommend a longer car and more luggage?

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(EDIT: Original post was some idiot asking for help, for him deciding as to what type of car to buy, but REALLY just spamming a link to some software)

The Hyundia 'Getz Fcuk'd' model is great car !!

This guy highly recommends it:

Has great 'dimensions' that you seek, as it can fit ALL his mates comfortably.

Hyundai Getz.jpg
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1953 Morris Minor. Last time I was in Tassie, about 3 years ago, it was still going! Probably like the 100 year old axe, 6 new handles & 4 new heads, but still the same axe. :D


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DAF 66. An absolute piece of Dutch crap than my Granny gave to me. I wrecked it in weeks.....probably by driving over 60kph.
I sold it for scrap for 10 pounds.
Some Gypo came over from Hemel Hempstead scrapyard and coz we had jumped on the roof and bonnet (we thought it was funny but someone called the cops and I had to explain it was my car and we were scrapping it).
Anyway, the Gypo only gave me $5 pounds coz of the damage we did to the car......I should have stayed strong and got the full amount coz he would have been in this shit for driving all the way over and not getting the car....but I was only 18yo and weak and I was looking forward to having a drink........was a good life lesson......don’t buy a DAF and don’t take the first offer.


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