Marks out of 10 for our Wonderful Mariners.

Discussion in 'Other Stuff' started by Wombat, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Wombat

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    So another season of absolute dross has been dumped on us my Charlesworth and Shaun. Lets try and grade our wonderful specticle that is Mikey's Shitey Circus.

    Our overall rating 2/10. Some half decent Football at times from our worst ever squad assembly. We let half the team go and replaced them in the Transfer Window with 2 "free" 15yo's from Sheff Utd. Quality work Pikey and Shaun.

    Kennedy 2/10. A couple of good games mixed in with some truly alarming dross. A drugs test or visit from ICAC is needed.
    Pearce 2.5/10. One good game and the rest was a travesty.
    Clisby 5/10. Started well. Is an honest player. Needs to play a simple role in a simple structure.
    McGing 4. Meh.
    Rowles 5.5. Some really good moments but hair brained most of the time. Alot of potential. A polarising player.
    Graham 5.5. Some potential and at least gets his body in the line of fire.
    Aspro 7. One of the only bright lights and let him go.........sigh.
    Cisse 4. Too old, too slow.
    O'Neill 6.5. A good season. His 33 yellow cards and ball watching in the box cost him a higher score but one of the only bright lights. In the top 4.
    Melling 6. The heart of a Lion but with the skill of an elephant. Workrate is superb.
    Mallon 5.5. Mixed bag. Good potential.
    WeeMac 3. Past it.
    Shabow 5. Shows some great glimpses but not really given the chances of others like WeeMac and Hoole, who he was better than.
    Simon 6. Alot of ticker.
    Murray 5.5. Meh.
    Tommy 6. Dicked around by Mulvey alot but still miles ahead of everyone else in the squad in terms of technical ability.
    Pain 7. His best season for us and we let him go............sigh.
    Scum Judas 7. As a FB he is dreadful (only slightly better than Roux) but as a RW he often drove us forward on his own and showed a tonne of courage. He dipped in form slightly once he signed for The Scum BUT had an excellent overall season and was my POTY. He also showed alot of ticker to keep performing once we leaked that the cabbages at H.O had let him defect to the Scum.
    Hoole 4.5. Soft and lazy. 2 glorious free kicks some up his season........wasted talent.
    Karacan 6. Superb energy. A natural leader. Not the most technical player. A poor man's Monty but he could be an excellent signing for us once he adjusts too our game.
    McCormack 4. Didnt try.

    Mulvey 3. Took the whole thing as a bit of a laugh. Sure he was rooted by Pikey but his recruitement was also shocking.

    Your thoughts and ratings please gentlemen
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  2. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Can't ague with any of that - although I would have liked to seen McGing in a back 4 with Millar in front of him.
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  3. Forum Phoenix

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    Agree with nearly all that mate - great summary - though I’d give McCormack a 1. Heartless prick. That signing meant so much to the fans and he couldn’t even be arsed. Was a massive blow to the club to waste that time and money on him that we couldn’t bounce back from.

    Oar a 5. And probably knock Matty down to a 5. Even though he was targeted he failed as a captain by losing his shit big time and while he always puts in, in his position he is not truly capable of excelling either.
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  4. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    good balanced summary
  5. Ads

    Ads Active Member

    Yes to this.
    If Mulvey did this early on, with a back 4 with Clisby as a natural left as well, could have been a massive game changer for the season and given us good foundation of cheaper strong players coming into next season with higher spend for centre back and front.
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  6. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    2/10 season. I thought we'd be 7th at the start. Lead 10 games at the half, 3rd best team at 45 mins. So for the lack of some back bone and calmness we could have.
    Noone staying really excelled. So not bothering with ratings.
    Personally still miffed that Golec and McGing were released. Miffed that Millar and Pain weren't re-signed.
    Lots of work for next season. Must take FFA Cup serious and prepare for a proper crack.

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