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Mariners v Wanderers


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Sydney, Australia

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Monday, 27 July 2020

Central Coast Mariners v Western Sydney Wanderers FC

Central Coast Stadium, Gosford

7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEST))

Referee: Chris Beath

Assistant Referee 1:
Andrej Giev

Assistant Referee 2: Matthew McOrist

Fourth Official: Alireza Faghani

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on FOX SPORTS 507 from 7:30pm (AEST) and Sky Sport 7 (New Zealand), Kayo Sports (www.kayosports.com.au) and MyFootball Live App, Live Fast and Data Free for Telstra mobile customers

Radio Broadcast: myfootballnation.com (SENTrack 801am), Coast FM and SWR999.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hash-tag #CCMvWSW

Central Coast Mariners squad: 1.Mark BIRIGHITTI (gk), 2.Ian Zygmunt GORDON, 3.Jack CLISBY, 7.Milan ÐURIĆ, 8.Michael MCGLINCHEY, 10.Tommy OAR, 11.Daniel DESILVA, 12.Adam PEARCE (gk), 15.Kye ROWLES, 16.Dylan FOX, 17.Sam SILVERA, 18.Gianni STENSNESS, 19.Matt SIMON, 21.Ruon TONGYIK, 22.Jacob MELLING, 26.Joshua NISBET, 27.Lewis MILLER, 29.Jair BRITTO, 30.Dylan RUIZ-DIAZ, 44.Alou KUOL

**2-4 to be omitted**

Ins: 19. Matt SIMON (Return from INJURY), 21. Ruon TONGYIK (Return from Injury)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 9. Jordan MURRAY (Shoulder)

Western Sydney Wanderers FC squad: 4.Dylan MCGOWAN, 5.Daniel GEORGIEVSKI, 6.Matthew JURMAN, 7.Mitchell DUKE, 8.Jordan O’DOHERTY, 9.Nicolai MULLER, 10.Simon COX, 11.Bruce KAMAU, 13.Tass MOURDOUKOUTAS, 16.Mathieu CORDIER, 17.Keanu BACCUS, 19.Pirmin SCHWEGLER, 22.Nicholas SULLIVAN, 27.KWAME YEBOAH, 28.Fabian MONGE, 33.Tate RUSSELL, 34.Patrick ZIEGLER, 35.MOHAMED ADAM, 40.Nicholas SUMAN (GK), 50.Tristan PRENDERGAST (GK).

**2-4 to be omitted**

Unavailable: 1.Daniel LOPAR (returned home), 20.Vedran JANJETOVIC (shoulder), 29.Daniel WILMERING (knee)


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wait, is this Wanderers first game?
Yes. Could be fresh and ready to go or could be rusty. The nix put 3 past them in a practice game not long before the comp restart. Their keeper is a ring in afaik after their first 2 we’re unavailable so we need to be taking shots and putting pressure on.


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I am glad this is our last game. I want to see who is being released or signing for someone else.
Then it is time to look forward to next season


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Not a lot of team discussion today. I’m expecting some rotation so maybe Nizzy, Duric, Oar to start. Jair could be in the mix too. I don’t think starting Simon is the way to go unless we intend on playing a certain way due to wet weather.

Hats off to anyone going tonight in the cold wet conditions.


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Flooding down our way, two power cuts during the day but hopefully it stays on for 90 minutes. I reaaaaally want us to beat the Wanderers


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I will be there and at hoping the will open up enough bays that those who attend can be undercover and still socially distanced. Fingers crossed we get a reasonable result!

true believer

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I will be there and at hoping the will open up enough bays that those who attend can be undercover and still socially distanced. Fingers crossed we get a reasonable result!
Yeah i said that to the missus im not sitting in the rain .f'k social distancing if it rains


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
after seeing the WSW keeper news , I’m thinking we might get one goal ...maybe, fingers crossed....gadzooks how depressing is that thought


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If there’s 1500 there tonight it will be a surprise, maybe 2000 if a few Wanderers fans make the trip. Conditions are pretty average...