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Mariners Squad 2022/2023


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To be fair to Ruys it’s all about delivery and Ayongo and Ruys got a few touches but mainly WSW drew them in and passed around them.

Now as forwards there is only really 2 ways to play when opposition fullbacks have the ball ready to move it forward.

And in the WSW game Monty has told them to go hard and try and force a mistake.
It’s pretty clear.

And if you remember they actually did!
The ball Nisbit collected and Tulio missed 1on1 was a forced error from the pressure of our forwards.

I would actually say in the WSW game the midfield and back did not move up and support the press as well as at the start of the season caught between trying to force a mistake but also make sure we defend well and not loose this game.

Im a bit puzzled why Monty didn’t use Ruys as he did in preseason and early games on the wide right where he was consistently defending well and stealing a lot of ball + assists and goals.

And then bring on Kuveski, etc and try something else up front where I actually like Tulio staying there as he moves well off his defenders.

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