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I'm glad there are HHGTTG jokes in here (and SM, you definitely neuter to read the book) but more than that, I'm glad that the questions above have been asked. I'm curious to see what others think largely because I don't know what I think.


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Ok to the original post:

I'm not sure what association you are a member of but I believe here on the central coast the rep programme is run by CCM and is not subsidised by CCF at all. So I am happy in the knowledge that all my subs are staying local and invested back in to the local association. I havent heard much about it lately but I think they are even trying to move away from FNSW so that is even more dollars that will stay in the local football system.

I think MC has also mentioned some desire at taking over the local association. Even though I am a staunch CCM supporter I dont want to see any of my playing subs going to a private organisation.

In regards to coaching lower grade teams I believe parents need to take a little bit more responsibility in this area. I see the same thing year after year - experienced football people use whatever means necessary to get their kids into A grade sides even though they are clearly not up to it. The ones that dont get picked are generally kids that are new to the game, not interested or their parents don't "know" anyone. Now if some of those parents put a little less energy into getting their kids picked in the A side and put more into sharing the coaching knowledge amongst the club we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Not having a go at you as it is clear from your post that your son was the driving force in moving up the grades.


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SM... think of mice... the earth ... and the meaning of life HHHmmmmmm ... the link may help... the book is better ...