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Discussion in 'Other Stuff' started by trev, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt be so quick to rule ryan out.

    Trev is still great, but he did not live up to the expectations we all had for him(his downfall was when he admitted that he did not participate in a 3some).

    I will give ryan a week to impress me
  2. Bex

    Bex Well-Known Member

    But thats what makes Trev so great; his unassuming style - the last of the true gentlemen.

    But meh, I guess thats so last week.
  3. Pokes

    Pokes Active Member

    This is my favourite thread.
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  4. Sym

    Sym New Member

    Still can't believe he is back.
  5. tyson

    tyson Active Member

    Sorry guys... haven't been on for a while. Moved houses and lost the internet. Had to wait for Optus to send us a new modem etc.

    Finally got on to check out Trev's pics. Looks like a total blast. Sorry I couldn't make it, man.
  6. who are you?
  7. Pokes

    Pokes Active Member

    Hey! I saw trev on the disco train! He's back!
  8. loyalist

    loyalist New Member

    bet the kunt was pinging off his head LOL good old trev
  9. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    right now im chucking a trev and have gone away. i wont be back before wednesday. i miss you all :p
  10. Gopher of Pern

    Gopher of Pern New Member

    Who are ya?
  11. Pokes

    Pokes Active Member

    Post pics when ur back skillers!
  12. Ted

    Ted Well-Known Member

    and how far can ya chuck a trev mate? just curious...
  13. trev

    trev New Member

    lol cya skill have fun
  14. Part_Timer

    Part_Timer New Member


    stop trying to steal trevs glory......
  15. fedelta

    fedelta New Member

    can confirm i have returned to the shores after being abducted by somalian pirates off the african coast.
  16. Sym

    Sym New Member

    Oh...not Somalian man..was just Me and some mates..we got drunk..dressed up..thought abducting someone would be a good laugh..then it just got wayyy to serious..we had to bail..glad you got home alright and hard feelings right ?
  17. kanewillow

    kanewillow New Member

    sym the only thing u do wen ur drunk is yell ppls names and e annoying
  18. Alicia

    Alicia Active Member

    and vomitĀ  :vomit:

  19. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    and fail to get to level 5
  20. loyalist

    loyalist New Member

    i missed you [​IMG]

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