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Discussion in 'Other Stuff' started by CCM-JAM80, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. CCM-JAM80

    CCM-JAM80 New Member

    Introduce yourself

    Is there any potential for our forum to have a 'Introduce Yourself' forum so as we as a community can get to know our fellow fans a little better?

    Maybe just prepare a template and have those who want to submit their answers can post in the allocated forum or thread.

    Just an idea.
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  2. kevrenor

    kevrenor Well-Known Member

    YOU just did CCM-JAM80!

    Links to Proboards forum threads (for reference)


    Forum name:

    Name called by your friends (that's us):


    Background that you wish to reveal:

    Interests, football and other:

    (Please feel free to modify ... just a start)
  3. graaant

    graaant New Member

    Not sure if you wanna do it here, but after browsing for the last couple of seasons, decided now would be a good time to sign up officially!  :)

    Forum name: Graaant

    Name called by your friends (that's us): Grant?  :p

    Location: Berkeley Vale - Central Coast

    Background that you wish to reveal: Work in IT at Somersby. Attend each and every home game and most derby games.

    Interests, football and other: CCM, A-league in general, intested in taking on a junior team as coach.
  4. mariners4ever

    mariners4ever Active Member

    forum name: mariners4ever

    real name: harry macdougall

    location: lisarow

    background: played football for 11 years with gosford city, played 1 season with dinamo marinators futsal, just finished year 10 at lisarow high school

    age: 16

    interests: most sports, following the mariners and man utd, playing cricket
  5. Jeff (LouMacari)

    Jeff (LouMacari) New Member

    Mariners AND Man U.... see I knew you were a good lad Harry! ;)
  6. Roar_Meat

    Roar_Meat New Member

    Forum name: Roar_Meat

    Name called by your friends (that's us): Martin

    Location: Durong - Queensland

    Background that you wish to reveal: Property owner, Printing business owner, Vice-President of Orange Army, lived in Sydney before moving to Ourimbah in 1993, moved to Qld in 2001. Had a fair bit to do with the mighty Ourimbah and Marinermick.

    Interests, football and other: Play a bit locally, heaps of work for Orange Army, fishing, surfing (even though its 2.5 hours to the beach)
  7. CCM-JAM80

    CCM-JAM80 New Member

    Thanks Kevrenor! :D

    Forum name: CCM-JAM80

    Location: Central Coast

    Background that you wish to reveal: Mad sports fan - end of story. I have been a Central Coast Mariner season ticket holder since day one, I will be one 'til I die.

    Interests, football and other: Rugby league, cricket, rugby, boxing, NFL, NBA, poker ...
  8. rosko

    rosko Member


    Forum name:

    Name called by your friends (that's us): Rosco

    Location: Kincumber

    Background that you wish to reveal: Shift worker... get to all the games I can when not working, also get dragged to Fried Chicken games when Im staying in Sydney between shifts....

    Interests, football and other: Cycling and any other sport.. except Rugby Union.. too boring
  9. Forum name: valentius borealis

    real name: Alex

    Location: Penrith

    Background that you wish to reveal: I started following club football when I was on student exchange in Paraguay. A couple of years later a friend (who is now in The Cove) got me to come to Northern Spirit matches which I attended regularly for 3 years (2 years in the Bobstand, 1 year on the terrace at Pittwater).

    After the demise of the NSL, I waited to see what would happen with the A-League and when the Mariners started up, the involvement of McKinna, Ferguson and Tobin made my choice easy, despite Sydney FC being closer.

    Interests, football and other: Mariners and the mighty Club Olimpia, Sydney Swans, many other sports including cycling (attending a mountain stage of Le Tour de France is a dream of mine), tennis, field hockey (which I played as a kid) and swimming (again from childhood participation, having won my age group at the the school swimming carnival every year in high school).

    I'm interested in sports statistics and am a contributor to a couple of football related websites.
  10. Omni

    Omni New Member

    Valentinus - if you ever get that mountain stage dream I'd love to go with you, I think that would be incredible, hopefully no O'Grady injuries. And they get rid of that cheat Contador.
  11. Tassiemariner

    Tassiemariner Active Member

    forum name: foriegnmariner

    real name: Paul nicknames turtle., paulio, pauly etc.

    location: Hobart, tasmania

    background: played football for 8 years as rightback come sweeper. played for southern tas.

    age: 15

    interests: Support the 3 "M' football teams. Metro, Mariners, Man Utd. (so many mariners and Man Utd fans around)
    Travelling, cricket, novelty sports like hurling, curling, etc.
    Wants to become the next lyall gorman or ben coonan lol.
  12. Wheresdadspants?

    Wheresdadspants? New Member

    Forum name : Wheresdadspants?
    Real Name: Brad Warner
    Location: Surry Hills
    Background: Saratoga Local and now livis in sydney but still plays for Avoca FC
    Interests: Plymouth Arygle FC and our ever winding quest to one day play in the Premiership. C'Mon you Pilgrims
  13. happy

    happy Member

    Forum name: happy

    Real name: Sandra

    Location: near Nrnberg, Germany

    Background that you wish to reveal: Currently I am a student and probably coming to Australia next July :)

    Age: 24

    Interests, football and other: 1. FC Nrnberg, handball...
  14. rosko

    rosko Member

    Come on happy.... You cant say 'handball' on this forum..... Thats just heartless and cruel...  :piralaugh:
  15. happy

    happy Member

    I can ;D
    I am as passionate for handball as I am for football. So that's what I am interested in too.

    Forgot to mention how I came to this forum:
    well, it all started when we contracted Meggsy and Heff in 2006...
  16. CCM-JAM80

    CCM-JAM80 New Member

    Football team(s): Central Coast Mariners, Leeds United FC, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, Celtic FC
  17. kevrenor

    kevrenor Well-Known Member

    Do you play Sandra?

    I really enjoyed the Handball at the Sydney Olympics - we tried to bring some football support to our team but with Australia outclassed alas we then adopted Norway whose fans were excellent.  Very fast exciting game.

    My daughter, Marconigirl on here, was a Handball goalkeeper - crazy lady!  She also was a field hockey goalkeeper - even crazier
  18. Part_Timer

    Part_Timer New Member

    Forum name : aussiecross
    Real Name: craig otoole (shut up bear)
    Location: morisset
    Background: From toukley but moved to morisset to work after i left the beachcomber
    Interests: CCM, Stoke city, laughing at emo's, playing for morisset united...BEING A MARINATOR
  19. Sydgirl

    Sydgirl Guest

    Forum name:  Sydgirl (may well change sooner rather than later) ;)

    Real name: Joanne (but prefer Jo)

    Location: Peakhurst in Sydney's south

    Background: Spent EVERY childhood xmas holidays at Ettalong / Umina.
    I'm a Travel Agent who obviously loves travelling (Best holiday was West Indies)
    I was a Triathlete before I injured my knee, and would love to get back into it.

    Age: Old enough to be your mother ;) :-X

    Interests: Rugby League (Wests Tigers), Cricket, Football (Man U in EPL and you know about my A League situation), I can sit and watch the Olympics all day, every day
  20. happy

    happy Member

    Yes I do play but not as a goalkeeper...I am a handball fan for quite a very long time and it just increases with the brilliant World Cup this year we had in Germany. Actually I wanted to see Australia play but then they changed arenas after the draw and I had to watch Russia and Croatia
    Don't remind me of the Olympics in 2000...The quaterfinal between Spain and Germany was the most tragic games I have ever seen...with the worse result for Germany...

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