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My number 3 son is an IT genius and he does all my IT set up purchases... sorta like having my own IT manager...

He set up the domain for my business name .."" Peninsular Accounting""" .... I wanted Peninsula but that name was already taken by a firm in Victoria so I had to put the ..."""r""" at the end.

Anywho's in 2015 I received an email and must have been busy but it was from the folk who manage domains and they asked did I want to renew my domain... I responded and said ..""Yes""' ... thinking I don't need to bother number 3 son I can handle this myself, cost was $ 39.00.

Turns out the Victoria folk must have not renewed or for whatever reason the domain folk sent the email to me and I registered the domain name ...""' Peninsula Accounting .com ""' my original want but given I have had the Peninsular name for a while have no desire to change...

I have received three offers during the week wanting to buy my domain name of Peninsula Accounting . com... by accident and because I miss read the original email and more than likely a mistake by the domain people I hold world rights for the name and have a Chinese, US & NZ company wanting to buy the name.

Talk about arse... more arse than Jesse the Elephant as my Dad used to say...

Others can post some funny business experiences..

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We have been hit with white board fever .
So one of the night shift blokes bolted a white board to the ceiling . Then wrote on it "for the over the top jobs "
Its was there for 3 days before the manager screamed out wtf is that.